Literacy in children, how to strengthen it

One learning does not rule out another. An example is the process by which a child internalizes reading skills and dominates writing at the same time. Two skills that can be conjugated perfectly and are essential when starting the school and to lead an excellent academic life.

At the end of the day, as indicated by the Spanish Association of Pediatrics and Primary Care, AEPapBoth skills are based on the recognition of symbols and their interpretation in different ways. Therefore, you can combine both learning and develop reading and writing, that is, work in different activities in order to enhance both skills.

Shared skills for literacy

As has been said, reading and writing share different skills that are necessary to master both skills. From AEPap stand out the following ones to be able to work in them at the same time, favoring both learnings:

- Knowing how to recognize the symbols that make up a language. Both letters and sounds make up a language. Recognizing these symbols and relating each one with its corresponding phoneme will allow children to write, read what they have put on paper and transmit it to the rest.

- Separation by syllables. Both written and spoken words are separated by syllables. This is a formula for knowing new words, both written and spoken.

- Memory. Remember all these symbols that make up a language, as well as the relationships with their sounds will allow you to master both writing and reading.

- Ability to form words in the mind. Both when forming words to write them and to recite them, it is important to get an idea in the head about them.

Literacy exercises for children

If there are skills shared between writing and reading, can you work on both together? The answer is yes, with different exercises such as the following:

- Repeat pairs of words to say if they are the same or different (pan-paz, luz-luz *).

- Separate the syllables from the words (pe-ra, o-ve-ja, ma-ri-po-sa ...).

- Know if a letter is or not in a word (the "r" in car, pineapple ...).

- Repeat invented words only by listening to them (nigo, diplo ...).

- Repeat memory numbers (5-2-1, 4-1-8-3-9 ...).

- Name a series of things (animals, for example).

Damián Montero

Video: Using Engaging, Interactive Strategies to Strengthen Literacy Skills, Grades K-1

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