Summer essences for your home around the holidays

At the end of summer it is best to fill the house with sensations that remind us of the good times and positive emotions associated with vacations. And there is nothing so evocative for memories as the summer essences for your home around the holidays.

At this time of year, the rooms of our home seem to demand an innovative change, inspiring accessories and, above all, new and different smells. If what you want is that your house seduces by smell as soon as you enter, the key to choosing a good fragrance is always to be durable and fresh.

What does summer smell like?

To sea, to flowers, to fruits ... the smells of summer are very varied, but they have a common denominator: they belong to nature. "Our creative department raised the question of what smells like in the summer, it is a very personal response, but it is clear that, for all, they are experiences and positive emotions that would be desirable to extend throughout the year, such as a journey on the shores of the Mediterranean. ", declares David Fernández Parra, founder of Aromas de Andalucía.

Therefore, if you want to enhance the feeling of freshness associated with the natural aromas of the places and holiday destinations, the aromatic experts of Aromas de Andalucía give you these tips to choose the aromas that will suit the rooms of your home to remind you of the summer season.

- Marine fragrances. They are the absolute protagonists of the olfactory memory of summer. The reaction caused by the smell of the sea is calm and serenity, in addition to evoking childhood memories.

- Fruity notes, such as peach and coconut. The first is one of the summer fruits par excellence and generates a sensation of pleasure, both to taste and smell. The second one makes us travel to the beach where the days of sun seem to have no end.

- Flower essences, as a lady at night and orange blossom. They are intense fragrances that can be very suitable to enjoy at sunset.

In addition to enhancing the good smell and conferring cleanliness to the home, it is important that the aromas are safe and durable. For the first case, it is essential to use healthy raw materials in its manufacture and comply with the CLP regulations regarding the instructions for use. For the second, it is necessary that the fragrances are free of alcohol or any type of combustion or mechanical aid in diffusion to limit evaporation.

Marisol Nuevo Espín
Advice: David Fernández Parra, founder of Aromas de Andalucía

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