Meetings of parents and teachers, the importance of knowing the evolution of the course

The beginning of the course is paved. After all a summer of fun, the return to the classrooms finally arrives and the parents are not the only figure that has influence over the children. The teachers they will spend many hours with the children and will transmit both knowledge and values ​​in the school days. How to avoid that there are discrepancies between the messages transmitted in the home and those that are sent in the course?

Meetings between parents and teachers they have the answer A very important meeting where the parents will know first-hand what awaits their children in the classrooms throughout the school year. On the other hand, teachers will have first-hand information about their future students and be able to get the most out of it.

Meetings from the beginning

When should these meetings be held between parents and teachers? The answer is clear, the sooner the better. The first days of the course should serve to ensure that this meeting takes place and that the parents have the information about the future of the year that will begin.

As indicated from the Junta de Andalucía, the first meeting of the course is the most important. It will establish channels of communication and participation throughout the year. Therefore, special care must be taken in the preparation of this first meeting.

The meeting should begin with the presentation of the attendees. Parents must indicate both their name and that of their child. In this first meeting should be made clear the following topics:

- Aspects of organization and operation of the center. If parents do not know the center because it is the first course of their children, it is time to show it.

- General lines of the Tutorial Action Plan. The objectives of the course, the most significant activities that the students will carry out, the tutoring schedule and meetings in case they are necessary, interviews with parents, etc.

- Characteristics of the group in which their children are integrated: number of students and students, detected level, flexible groupings, repeaters, etc.

- Identity of the professors who teach the different subjects, date of the evaluations, schedules of their tutorials and delivery of notes, etc.

- Work methodology, home study forecasts and their convenience, organization and planning, collaboration of parents.

Periodic meetings

Although this first meeting is necessary at the beginning of the school year, it is also necessary to hold other meetings to see the course which is taking the academic year: difficulties arising, analysis of the results of evaluations and examinations, etc. The information that is provided to the parents should not remain in simple data, but should be accompanied by some reflection that helps draw conclusions with proposals for joint action.

At the end of the course, it is also important to hold a meeting to talk about the future, although it is necessary to make a balance of the course that concludes starting from the objectives exposed in the first meeting, analyzing achievements and difficulties. If the final evaluation is not completed, an approximate forecast can be made and on it the reflections that are considered appropriate.

Damián Montero

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