Games with which to make the return to school easier

The back to school it's here. Summer is dismissed, the school reappears on the horizon along with the responsibilities that an academic year entails for children. A moment that, although expected, can be done uphill for the little ones in the house. Going from a period of leisure and lax schedules to another full of chores and routines is not easy at all.

But nothing better to cope with this situation than the game. Having fun is the best method to adapt to any situation and strengthen, even more, the bond between parents and children. The last days of summer can be used to participate in these activities and prepare the back to school.

Review and have fun

A great idea to prepare the return to school and review some content is to organize a question and answer game with content from the Past course. The whole family can participate in this activity. As easy as cutting cardboard of different colors and organizing by theme the different parts of the contest.

Another excellent idea to review while playing is to take advantage of one of the last days of the summer for a short excursion to the countryside. In these locations the youngest can take the opportunity to review the name of different elements present in nature, from trees to different types of rock or the formation of various types of clouds.

For children who need reading review, nothing better than taking the car trips to ask if they are able to read the various advertising posters that are found throughout the city. The license plates of the cars can also be used for the children of the house to review the numbers and letters, something that will allow them to recognize these symbols in books.

Adapt to routines

The games can also be used for the little ones to adapt to the routines that come with going back to school. There are several ideas that will help the children to immerse themselves again in these moments:

- Kitchen. Although it is not a game proper, having children participate in the kitchen is a good idea to adapt them to routines. Making a recipe involves following some steps and focusing on the purpose: prepare a dish. Something that will help the child remember what it means to study and put their senses in the activity they perform.

- Team games. Once in school, group work will be common in the youngest. Knowing how to work in a team will allow children to manage within these routines and create synergies with their classmates. Therefore, those games where you must join forces with others will be of great help.

- The traffic light. Just like cooking, this idea may not be a game as such. But it will help the little ones learn to manage their responsibilities. The parents will be the traffic lights that give the green light to fun (free time for children) and chores (housework, homework, etc.). The objective is that they learn to put aside their leisure to engage in their occupations.

Damián Montero

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