This affects the return to school for Spanish families

Little is left to say goodbye to the summer and say hello to the new school year. Touch dusting the backpack and tune everything to face the back to school, both when it comes to preparing all the material necessary for the routine in the classrooms, and to take the necessary strength to face all the necessary routines for this moment.

And, although it may seem that the back to school only affects the students of the house, the whole family is affected, to a greater or lesser extent, by this stage of the year. Knowing how to react to all the spheres affected by the return to school is essential to be able to cope with this moment of transition that means the end of the holidays and the return to the routine for young and old.

Adaptation to routine

The first obstacle that is found after returning to school is the adaptation to routines. The whole family goes from a resting stage where the schedules They have been more relaxed to adapt to a life with responsibilities and where there is a calendar to be fulfilled throughout the days. The early mornings return and the time to go to bed is ahead, there is less time for the game and the tasks return.

Adaptation to routines means that in many cases stress be an inopportune visitor and make the return to school a little more uphill. This discomfort can even accompany the little ones during their first days in the classroom and the elderly while they return to their jobs. The key to avoiding this feeling is simple: start adapting gradually.

While each child is a world, parents should start to mark some previous guidelines Back to school. The first step is to change summer schedules, more relaxed and relaxed, for the course, strict and immutable. Little by little you must return the early hour to go to sleep and prevent them from staying in bed the next morning.

It is also important that the afternoons begin to be occupied by different activities. Before starting the course, the reviews will be essential to recover this rhythm. At the same time, the needs and particularities of each child to be able to change the behaviors to be modified that may affect the return to school.

The family economy

The return to school is also synonymous with spending. Going back to the classroom means investing in textbooks to study new subjects, clothing (both sports and uniforms) and the rest of the material (pencils, notebooks, etc.). According to the data of the portal Idealo, this year the return to the classrooms will suppose an expenditure of about 366.40 euros per child, a figure that is a 11,3% than in the past 2017.

Although the reduction is an aid to families, it never hurts to remember some saving concepts that allow the household economy to live in a comfortable way:

- The one who keeps, finds. Although the return to school is in September, families must keep small amounts of money before this time comes to take advantage of this mattress.

- Compare prices. Knowing how to compare prices in different establishments and not throwing oneself into the first one that you find will allow you to find the best offer. Learning to navigate online portals will also help save.

- Review what you already have. Is everything on the list necessary? Reviewing what you already have will allow greater savings by not having to acquire what you already have.

- Avoid temptations. The appearance of a product can attract your purchase. But one must always have a present maxim: it is worth more useful and cheap than expensive and beautiful.

Damián Montero

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