Parents begin to lose control over their children around age 13, according to a study

As children grow they start to win autonomy and the parents are giving up their control. This process ends in the adult stage with the independence of the children, but, at what time this change occurs, from what age the youngest begin to ignore their parents and act under their own criteria, or guided by the point of view of your friends and acquaintances?

A study conducted by Vitabiotics' Wellteen positions the age at which the parents begin to lose the age of around 13 control about their children. A moment of rupture in which those who were once the smallest who let themselves be guided by their parents, are now more independent individuals who leave this circle of influence to enter others.

Concern about the menu

After conducting a questionnaire to more than 2,000 parents of children between 13 and 18 years old, the researchers found that one of the aspects where they began to lose control parents were the youngest children's menu Four out of ten parents said they were worried about what their children ate while they were not present.

This concern arose from the evidence found in his home, for example in the 43% of the respondents found candy or fast food wrappers in their children's backpack or in their room. A situation of lack of control in which also has to do with the new levels of education to which the youngest children have access. Although in the nursery parents can know the menu they will eat, in the institute in the presence of cafeterias and vending machines, it becomes a more complicated task.

The authors of this work indicated that as children grow and gain autonomy, it is normal that they begin to do things that were not allowed at home. The first example is that of feeding. In many homes junk food or the presence of sweets and other products high in sugar are not allowed, so take advantage of your outings with friends for this purpose.

This lack of control also occurred in other fields, such as the friendships of their children. Nearly 40% of respondents acknowledged not knowing the identity of these companies. Ignorance that also extended to the consumption of some substances since 44% of the parents of these adolescents believed that their children had tried alcohol, although they did not have proof.

Close bond with parents

While it is necessary to respect autonomy in adolescents, the mission of parents should be to approach them and strengthen the bond with them to know them better and be aware of their day to day and advise if necessary. These are some of the tips of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics:

- Understanding. Adolescence is change and incomprehension, instead of being away from these problems, parents should be close and willing to address any questions in the children.

- Dialogue and advice. Teenagers have the feeling that they know everything, however experience is a degree. Parents should anticipate possible problems and have dialogues with their children in order to provide information.

- Negotiation. As teenagers grow and their autonomy increases, they leave home chores aside. It is important that parents remember these activities and their importance, both to lend a hand at home and in their school obligations.

- Understanding. Once the adolescence is over, it is difficult for parents to remember that stage, especially after a generational change between parents and children, where many things have changed.

Damián Montero

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