How to teach how to manage fear during storms

The fear It is one of the worst sensations that affect people. There are many origins that can trigger in this state, from the fire, passing through strange looking people to meteorological phenomena. In this last field the storms are located, which with their thunder and lightning can make the smallest of the house look altered.

Learn to manage the fears It is a great step towards autonomy and maturity in all people. In addition, teaching children to handle themselves in these situations will also help children to be alone even if these weather phenomena occur on the street. For this, from the Nemours Foundation several tips are offered in three steps to calm these sensations.

What's going on

The first step to calm the fear of storms is that the child understands what is happening. Like sunny days, these phenomena they are part of nature and they occur when certain meteorological circumstances occur. Although in some series or movies they are related to bad or terrifying events.

Parents should make it appear that this relationship is the result of fiction and that it does not happen in reality. The only thing that happens when there is storms is that the sky is full of rays and that these are accompanied by the characteristic sound of thunder. The ideal is to go to a library to offer information about the scientific origins of this meteorological phenomenon.

Once the child has understood that the storm is part of the catalog of meteorological phenomena, the next step is for the child to understand that they are safe from a lot of fuss that is formed by lightning and thunder. Being in a covered place will prevent the negative effects of these situations affect.

Calm and wait

With all this information, parents should ask their children if they are still worried about what goes on outside. The goal is for the children to reason with all the information they have and be able to calm down inside their homes when they realize that nothing bad can happen. Seeing how the storm evolves and that no matter how violent the thunder may seem, they are safe.

There are situations in which it is possible that the panic appears as for example that the light goes away as a consequence of this situation. At this time, parents should lead by example and not lose their temper, making the little ones see that as soon as the problem that has caused this situation is solved, the electricity supply will return and everything will continue as normal.

Finally, parents should continue with these lessons once the sun has reappeared making it clear that very violent that the storm has seemed, in the end this will be the result.

Damián Montero

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