Without stops if the child sleeps, so are the trips of Spanish families by car

Summer is synonymous with travel. Whether by plane, boat, train or car, families take the opportunity to leave their routine behind and discover new places, as well as return to those that have been enjoyed on other occasions. How are these transfers? To this question he wanted to answer the portal Trive, which has focused on travel by car.

In this way, they present their study where it is clear that the car it is still the preferred means of transport for families, who consider it the quietest method for these trips. It is also clear that children influence all aspects, from the way in which the movement is developed to the music that is heard.

The car, the preferred

Of all the respondents, 72% stated that at the time of travel With children the car is your favorite. The airplane is in second position, being the preferred option for 15% of the participants in this study. Finally, 12% opt for the train while 1% opts for the bus. And how are these trips as a family through this four-wheel vehicle?

The first thing that stands out is that 66% of parents prefer to travel without any stopas long as the child has fallen asleep. The presence of children in the car also causes drivers to take extreme safety measures and 6 out of 10 respondents admit to be more careful when moving with their children.

As for the stops that parents do during their trips, half of the respondents recognize a stop on their way whenever children show symptoms of dizziness or boredom. The 45% it allows you to pause this movement for safety reasons, especially when you begin to feel tired. On the contrary, 5% only interrupts this transfer for absolutely necessary reasons.

It is not surprising, therefore, that 40% of the parents surveyed reveal that they take advantage of the moments of greater sleep for the little ones to make these trips while their children sleep.

The entertainment of the passengers

While the driver must put all his senses on the road, the rest of the passengers can get distracted so that this transfer is more pleasant and do not bother the person in charge of driving the steering wheel. How are the little ones entertained? The arrival of new technologies seems not to have had a great influence in this sense since 75% of parents recognize that they prefer that their children do not resort to these devices.

The alternative is traditional games in the car. Of course, 25% recognizes that the tablet is a fundamental companion in these trips by car and that this device is responsible for distracting the little ones during their journeys. As for parents, the presence of children during these transfers alters customs such as music that is usually heard inside the vehicle.

Most parents recognize that they have had to change their musical tastes to adapt the setting to that of your children. More than half of the participants use the speakers to output the sound of children's films or cartoon series. 23% acknowledge that they are looking for adult songs that children can listen to.

Damián Montero

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