How to make kids smarter on the street

Be smart it is a statement in which many factors enter. There are many skills that have a person who receives this adjective, not only to master the skills necessary to carry out academic obligations. Also know how to handle different contexts with ease.

One of the environments where the child must learn to move is the street. In this space they spend many hours, both to play and to make simple purchases with their parents. Teaching these skills will allow the little ones to gain more autonomy.

Strangers and surroundings

The first lesson that the little ones should learn on the street is that they should not talk to strangers. For very good intentions that seems to have a stranger, we should not rely on this assessment. In scenarios such as leaving school or playing in a park, you just have to be guided by those people who have a close relationship with the family: parents of friends.

In the event that a stranger starts bother to the little ones, they must let their parents know before the situation gets worse. To avoid these problems, children should also always be in sight of their parents so that they can recognize potential situations of danger such as falls or that a stranger begins to disturb them.

This last note should also be applied in other situations such as visits to friends or birthdays where you have to leave home. In these contexts the children must communicate to their parents the locations to which they come or the meeting points for the moments where they should be collected once the event ends and in the case of changes, communicate them to the adults.

Avoid being alone

Another point that should be taken into account at the time of go out is that the child should never be left alone. The presence of a friend or an adult next to the group of minors will allow that in case of problems, the adults know this situation. The mission of the parents is to teach the little ones to recognize safe places, both to prevent accidents while playing, and to know in which locations there may be other problems.

Parents should also provide the youngest children with information about where to go in the event of a problem. Police stations, crowded bars, groups of adults with children, All of them can provide children with help in case they feel harassed or annoyed by a stranger. At the same time, adults should let minors know that they are not less brave if you scream at fear.

Damián Montero

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