Exposure to tobacco smoke increases teen visits to the emergency room

When there is a smoker at home, not only does he suffer the effects of cigarettes. The smoke that it generates makes the rest of people inside the home also the center of the consequences of these so harmful items. Nobody escapes from suffering these consequences of this product, which are not few.

From the smallest, to the teenagers. All those who accompany a smoker end up feeling the consequences of these cigarettes. In fact, as indicated by the American Academy of Pediatrics, young people who live with a person who uses tobacco, have a greater number of visits to the emergency room compared to those who do not have these fumes close.

More smoke, more visits to the emergency room

How does passive smoking influence adolescents? To answer this question, the team in this study collected data on 7,389 young non-smokers who did not have a diagnosis of asthma. All of them had to live with at least one consumer of cigarettes, whether it was a family member or a person from the environment such as a classmate or a user of a frequented area.

The requirement was for the smallest children to spend at least an hour or more with a smoker in the seven days prior to the tests carried out in this investigation. Within this group were divided into three different exposures to smoke that had the participants: live with a smoker, spend time with one of them or a brief exposure.

The results showed that simple exposure to tobacco smoke, in all its forms, was enough to make visits to the emergency room more common. Also, these youngsters had more problems in their breathing such as wheezing (wheezing) during exercise or dry cough during the night. Finally, students who were passive smokers had a greater chance of not attending school due to respiratory problems.

Avoid passive smoking

Avoiding passive smoking is a mission that concerns the whole family and that can be achieved with different changes in the daily life of the family. These are some tips to prevent smoke in the spaces where you live:

- Never smoke inside your house. It is always preferable to leave the house or a terrace, or use cigarettes in a window.

- Inform guests that they do not smoke at home and indicate a place to use cigarettes.

- Never smoke in a car where children travel. Smoking in a vehicle even once can fill the seats and other parts of the car with toxins, even if the windows are open.

- Remind passengers that you can not smoke in your car.

Damián Montero

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