The Return to School 2018 will be 11.3 percent cheaper than last year

The holidays are over and it is time to return to the day-to-day obligations. The elderly return to their jobs and the youngest from home to school. A new course opens up before them and this translates into several expenses that range from the acquisition of school supplies even the textbooks that will serve as the basis for learning during the year.

In this 2018, September is approaching with good news for the economy of families. According to the portal data Idealo, the return to school this year will be 11.3 percent cheaper than last year. Something that will help families to overcome the end of the holidays and recover after the expenditures made during the summer period.

366.40 euros per child to start school

As has been said, the Back to school 2018 will be 11.3 percent cheaper than 2018. In particular, each family will spend an average of 366.40 euros per child. By spending items, textbooks are those that appear in the first position of this ranking that will take an average of 240.2 euros on average.

The item of expenses in fashion is the second in the ranking of higher expenditures in the Back to school. Specifically, a new tracksuit (27.95 euros) and new shoes (30.30 euros). The purchase of a backpack for the school year will mean an average of 31.50 euros.

And how is this saving achieved? Idealo indicates that the appearance of portals of online purchase They have had a lot to do with reducing spending on the return, especially with regard to textbooks and clothing for school. In the first case the difference can be up to 17.4% and in that of the shoes up to 22.65%.

Online savings on the return to school

Until 40 euros per child can be saved compared to previous years. A fact that, as already said, is related to the appearance and expansion of online shopping portals. An average of up to 26.5% can be achieved if you go online to acquire the various elements necessary to face the Vuelta al Cole.

By games, the stationery material It is in which greater savings can be achieved, up to 36.65%. In the case of backpacks, the amount can vary up to 29.1%. In the case of shoes and textbooks, the savings can be up to 22.65% and 17.4%, respectively.

Go ahead and you'll save on the return to school

While online shopping helps save on the Vuelta al Cole, not leaving things for the last minute also helps in this regard. This is indicated from Idéalo that warns of the importance of anticipating purchases and know how to take advantage of certain times of the year. The prices of the products oscillate throughout the 365 days and getting ahead of September is a big decision.

For example, the price of backpacks is up to 32.4 percent cheaper in January, for example. Purchasing a sweatsuit in August can ensure savings of up to 10.55 percent while the cheapest month to buy children's shoes is March (savings of 18.8 percent). In the case of stationery material, the best month to acquire it is April, since it is possible to save 26.8%.

Damián Montero

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