Nursing care that every mother must take into account

What mother does not want the best for her children? Since they arrive in the world, the intention is to offer an adequate treatment to the demands of the youngest ones and this is to respond to their demands, such as the needs of food, something for which recourse is had to the Breastfeeding.

Many are the doubts that can arise around the lactation. An example is the lifestyle that mothers must follow in order to ensure an excellent quality in the milk that is offered to the little ones. What foods should be eaten, what drinks should be taken? Are there any supplements that should be included in the diet, can changes be included in the menu to lose weight? The Spanish Association of Pediatrics and Primary Care, AEPap, answers these questions.

Alimentation and drinks

The first thing that AEPap indicates is that the woman does not need special diets. The menu to follow should be rich and varied. You have to eat until you satisfy the hungry but not by gluttony. It is also recommended to avoid sweets, trinkets and foods with a high level of sugar. This body also indicates that there is no essential product.

Regarding the restrictions in the diet, AEPap indicates that alcohol should be prohibited since the ethyl substances would pass to the baby through the breast of the mother. If you decide to drink, you have to leave a few hours until the body of the woman completely eliminates this drink from your body. It is best to plan and leave in the refrigerator some quantities of this food to meet the intakes.

Drinks high in caffeine and sugar can also cause problems in babies by transmitting all these components to your body through the chest. Some products such as swordfish, shark, bluefin tuna, mussels, dogfish and pike should be restricted because they are toxic to the child because of the heavy minerals it contains. In the case of sardines they do not have any contaminants and are rich in calcium.

Sports, supplements and care

AEPap advises that mothers take iodine supplements around 200 mcg daily. It is also recommended to cook with iodized salt. As for other extras such as vitamins, all of them must be present in the foods that are consumed on a daily basis. At the same time, iron must be included in order to recover the loss that pregnancy implies.

As for moderate physical exercise, it is not a bad practice for the breastfeeding mother. You should do gentle physical exercise like a walk of at least half an hour. Better if you take your child in his baby carrier. Your baby will be happy and it will help you to have more encouragement.

About the care that the mother must take into account during pregnancy, AEPap indicates that the daily shower is sufficient. And that the nipple be dry between shots. You should wear a bra with which the mother feels comfortable and does not press. It is useful to put shells or absorbent discs inside the bra. To collect the dripping milk. Do not forget to change them frequently to keep the nipple dry.

Damián Montero


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