Six useful tips for children to read in summer

There is a lot of free time in summer and there are many options that can be filled. Among all the activities to be carried out reading It is presented as one of the best allies against summer boredom and ensures a companion who can follow the children in all their trips, from trips abroad or days at the beach and pool.

Although it is a highly recommended habit, the truth is that you have to establish the reading happen to be a routine in the day to day of the smallest of the house. Summer is an excellent time for children to fall in love with these paper friends and after this holiday they have this habit in their day to day.

Example and constancy

No idea how to make children fall in love with books? From the Jaime Alonso Abruña Foundation and the Jaime Alonso Academy They offer 6 tips to continue encouraging the interest of the more peuqeños by reading in a simple and fun way:

- Give example. Children often imitate what adults do, so if they see older adults reading, at some point they will do the same. It is also important that both individual and collective readings are made, since the latter allows to talk about what has been read, to know their opinions and to create an important link between parents and children.

- Have a book always at hand. As the summer has dead times or moments without much to do, never about having a book to offer them. It must be one that they like a lot and that has been chosen by them previously. They can be used while waiting for a place in a restaurant, before they take a nap or after watching their favorite show on television.

- Carry thematic books. Does the family go to the beach, prefer to go camping? Carrying, for example, a book that talks about bears, mountains, rivers and bonfires will allow children to feel more involved and identified with what they read. This will motivate them and increase their interest in reading. You can also encourage them to draw their favorite part of this adventure and describe it to you. All this to keep the imagination and creativity active.

- Encourage the learning of new words. Using stickers on different targets and places in the house with their respective names allows not only to improve your lexicon but also your spelling. Also, a good idea is to explain their meaning and how it is used. It is important not to impose a specific number of words that must be memorized or a limited time, let them go at their own pace is recommended for the activity to be truly productive.

- Read out loud. Letting the children read aloud will give them the possibility to improve their reading skills. They do not necessarily have to be whole books, they can be sections of a newspaper, a magazine or a letter. This will improve your attention, your critical, creative thinking and increase your curiosity.

- Let them explore the books. When trying to maintain a habit among the little ones it is important that each one go at their own pace. That in addition to choosing the book of preference, they can explore their content in a disorganized manner. Giving them their space and allowing them to browse those aspects that catch their attention can be a good start for this habit to become routine.

Damián Montero

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