The best activities for children under one year

The game It is not just an activity reserved for the older children. In fact, since children come to this world, there are many activities that can be shared with them. Before the first year, parents can share many practices that can also serve to develop different skills that will bring great benefits in the child's evolution.

These are some ideas that can be used to enjoy the game with children under one year of age. A way to connect with the little ones at an early age and to ensure their fun on a day-to-day basis.

Games for the motor apparatus

As it has been said, depending on the game, the baby will be able to develop different abilities. If what you are looking for is to strengthen your motor apparatus, these are some good ideas:

- Throw the ball. Father and son sit face to face on the ground, the goal is to get the ball to go from hand to hand. In this way, the child will develop motor-sight device coordination.

- Building blocks. On the one hand the youngest will be able to manipulate these blocks with their hands and stack them one by one. An activity with which they will develop skills such as grip.

- Walk. Something as simple as taking advantage of the fact that the child is learning to master his motor apparatus and to move, can be used so that the little ones can go to the call of their parents.

Improve coordination

In the case that you want it is to develop coordination, these are some ideas for this purpose:

- Drums. A few pots, some kitchen utensils that make drumsticks and allow the little ones to give free rein to their musical sense.

- Touch your hands. The parents will sing a song in which at a certain moment it will be necessary to touch an area of ​​the body such as the head, ear or nose.

- Obstacles. Some simple obstacles like a toy truck or stuffed animal will be placed in the corridor. The goal is to get the little ones to recognize these elements and avoid them.

Damián Montero

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