Rich child syndrome, when opulence changes to children

The development of a child is not a path of roses. Sometimes there are different problems that affect their growth, small stones that make for example show bad behavior. It is the case of rich child syndrome, result of a parenting style in which parents give everything to their children and they do not understand a refusal to their demands.

A style of parenting marked by opulence and that ends up changing the little ones and transforms them into anxious people, eager to get everything they want, and with a better tolerance for frustration. Situation that can even lead to depression.

Characteristics of these children

Although it can be confused with a capricious child, children who have the features of this syndrome have specific characteristics. As the Children of the Affluent study indicates. Challenges to Well-Being, these are the keys to understanding these minors:

- They want to be the center of attention. At any time these children want to be the center of attention, they can not stand that another person and another matter occupy the eyes of adults.

- Constant dissatisfaction. When these children do not receive the attention they think they deserve, a sense of dissatisfaction appears.

- They do not know how to face the challenges of life. Given the feeling of not being satisfied the little ones do not know how to respond to certain insecurities.

In the long run, children with the syndrome of the rich child end up transforming themselves into an insecure adult with the inability to cope with the setbacks they have to face. An example is a person who, faced with a problem at home, blocks himself and is unable to solve it or even sit down and think about how to fix this context.

Teach how to handle frustration

As has been said, one of the main problems in children with this problem is the lack of tolerance to frustration. These are some of the tips that are offered from the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital:

- Lead by example. The attitude of parents before the setbacks of life has to serve as an example for children, a small guide on how to face these situations on a day to day basis.

- Know the origin of the frustration. The child must know the source of the frustration and remedy this base instead of simply waiting for the situation to go through itself.

- Offer help, not solve. Faced with the setbacks of life, it must be the children who resolve this situation. Parents should provide support and not fix things, assuming a role that their children have.

- Applaud the positive results. When a child is able to solve a problem, parents should make the younger ones see that these results are what are expected.

Damián Montero

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