Take advantage of summer to improve the consumption of fruits and vegetables

Little by little the summer is ending. In a little over a month, the little ones will return to the classroom and resume their school responsibilities. However, this does not mean that the vacation days that remain can not be used. There are many activities that can be done in these days and in the smallest ones can learn valuable lessons.

An example is the improvement of diet in the smallest of the house. As indicated in the Hospital Sant Joan de Deu in Barcelona, ​​summer can become the perfect time to improve the menu of children and introduce foods with many benefits such as fruits and vegetables.

Seasonal fruits

The first advantage that summer offers for the introduction of these foods is the amount of seasonal fruit that reaches the homes. The catalog is very spacious and there are several advantages offered:

- Melon, mango and kiwi. All of them are a source of vitamin C and are a great antioxidant for the body.

- Strawberries. They contain magnesium and vitamin C.

- Watermelon. With its 90% water it is a fruit to stay hydrated.

- Peach Vitamin A source and potassium contribution, also helps maintain intestinal activity.

- Nectarine. Source of potassium and flavonoids, which protect the body from damage caused by substances or oxidizing elements such as ultraviolet rays or environmental pollution.
-Pear. Source of vitamin C and vitamin K.

Enter them in an original way

All the fruits presented can be introduced in many ways in the day to day of the little ones. The best thing is to be original and present them in an attractive way to the children so that they can know their taste and accept them as a habitual element within their diet.

A good example is presenting them as a fun dessert after meals. A good idea is a fruit salad because the presence of so many striking colors will awaken the desire of the little ones. These fruits can also be used for the preparation of main dishes that end up becoming light dinners that facilitate digestion on hot summer nights, an example is the Cold Melon Soup.

Fruits can also be introduced into the diets of the little ones through snacks and breakfasts in the form of juices. Another alternative is to take advantage of visits to beaches, swimming pools or any other family transfer where you can serve a snack with vegetables (carrots cut into strips) or a lunch box with fruit salad to calm your appetite.

Those families that want to introduce a greater amount of vegetables in the smallest can take advantage summer recipes as for example gazpachos and salmorejo or zucchini creams.

Damián Montero

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