The hard consequences of a childhood without affection

The sweetie in the development of children is a very important aspect. Making the child feel loved in the home will help to gain confidence and strengthen the bond with their parents, creating a relationship very difficult to break in the future. In the opposite case, the lack of this affection will bring harmful consequences for the upbringing of the little ones.

In case there are doubts that the lack of sweetie It has consequences for the development of the youngest members of the household, a study carried out in the United Kingdom highlights the negative results for children of a childhood without affection. A call to fill with affection the first years of life of the children.

The importance of attention

For this investigation, those in charge focused on a group of adopted children. A population that was divided into two sectors, those that had spent less than 6 months in a center of attention and those who were more than half a year in these facilities.

To analyze the effects of being raised for so long away from an environment of affection and affection, researchers spent several questionnaires and conducted various interviews with the adoptive parents. At the same time, different tests were carried out to measure intelligence levels or the presence of disorders such as hyperactivity, behavioral problems or impulsive behaviors.

The group of adopted children who had spent more than 6 months in these facilities showed a greater presence of symptoms of these problems. In particular to present a uninhibited behavior when growing Over the years, the researchers also verified the effects of lack of affection and those who were more than half a year in these shelters had higher rates of unemployment.

The importance of love

This study only reinforces the idea of ​​the importance of affection in the smallest. A matter that as indicated by the psychologist Raquel Durá Miralles supposes important benefits for the little ones:

- Grant inner peace to the little ones when seen in a safe environment.

- Allows the child to feel internal security.

- Help the child reach an internal balance.

- The security that gives the child favors its ability to integrate into new environments as well as within the family.

- Develop enthusiasm in the smallest of the house.

- Strengthens friendship and relationships both within the family and abroad.

Damián Montero

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