The most desired works by Spanish children

Childhood is a stage of imagination where each child is seen in different ways. There are those who think about a future marked by a position of work dreamed, and sometimes difficult to reach, and in others already begins to appear the dreamed vocation and that could become their work to reach the adult stage.

On these perceptions has investigated the XIV Adecco Survey What do you want to be when you grow up? A work It has taken into account the opinion of 2,000 children between 4 and 16 years old who have made known their perceptions of the future and who have opined on the situation of the labor market.

Footballers and teachers

The first detail that catches the attention of this survey is the difference between boys and girls in their dream work. In the first case the job What they would like to have in the future is football players (18.9%), police (9.7%), teachers (7.1%) and in relation to modern times youtubers (6.1%).

In the case of girls, the first desired job is that of teachers (30.3%), veterinarians (9.6%), doctors (8.1%) and police (5.1%). In relation to modern times, stresses that both small and small believe that in the future their co-workers will be robots, as indicated by 59.1% of the total sample of this study. In fact, 15% imagine that there will be more androids than people in jobs.

And who would be the perfect boss in this future job? In the case of children, they would prefer to be led by an elite athlete. The first one is Cristiano Ronaldo (14.7%) or Leo Messi (11.4%). If we look at the response of the girls, they prefer not to have anyone in charge (8%) and in the event that yes, the singer Shakira should be the one to give the orders.

What do they want at work

This survey has also addressed what children consider important in the face of a job. For both boys and girls, the most important thing is to be happy in this job and enjoy a work environment (25.5%). The second best considered point is that you like the job (15.9%). The third best rated tip is having a good salary (11.9%).

Continuing with the salary, the children would prefer to perceive the month a millionaire salary (25%), while girls are satisfied with a payment between 500 and 1,000 euros (11.6%). Also in reference to their future, even after finishing their working life, most Spanish children prefer to travel during their retirement, 19.3% in the case of girls and 16.1% in boys.

Secondly, for boys, a perfect retirement would be one in which they could spend time with their family (10.9%) or live quietly (8.6%). On the other hand, they would devote more time to domestic chores (15.8%) or to be with the family (11.7%), as well as to do crafts or domestic work (8.8%) or to live peacefully (6, 4%).

Damián Montero

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