The best option to travel to North America

We're going to North America! A continent full of contrasts and divided by a border shared by the United States and Canada. Enjoy the flight and the trip from minute 0 and get in the best hands.

U.S It has the attraction of housing very modern cities, but also a wild and well preserved nature. It offers the possibility to discover very diverse cultures and enjoy the party in the big cities, and go in search of adventures in its wonderful natural parks.

One of its most desirable and valued destinations is The Angels. It is the tourist place par excellence of the American west coast, but not for the city itself, but because the traveler falls in love with its beaches and coastal areas. One of the most charming and attractive beaches is Venice, with its eccentricities, its canals, its bike path that runs along the beach and its modern shops and boutiques. Santa Mónica is another of those places that will surprise you by the beauty of its pier with its ferris wheel, its surfers and lifeguards, and the large number of restaurants with delicious menus.

A little further north is San Francisco, a city nestled in a beautiful bay, which is full of contrasts as seen in its skyline. The skyscrapers contrast with the traditional colonial neighborhood. The port is one of the most picturesque places of this great city, ideal to enjoy the proximity of pelicans and sea lions, and taste in one of its many establishments of fresh fish and seafood, some typical dishes of the area. Right here boats go to the Golden Gate and the Alcatraz prison. The urban center is full of streets of vertigo that can be appreciated from the tram of the city. An opportunity to surprise yourself with the melting pot of cultures is to visit the Mission neighborhood and enjoy its urban art.

Another city that takes away the meaning is New York, the city that never sleeps, the giant of the East Coast that needs at least 4 days of visit. You can not miss the trip by boat to the island of the Statue of Liberty, the panoramic view from the Empire State Building, a walk along Fifth Avenue and Central Park ... New York leaves no one indifferent.

A little further north, in Glen, one of the main attractions is the city of Vancouver, whose goal is to be the greenest on the planet by 2020, and which is a perfect starting point to visit the Canadian coast. It has a very special atmosphere and it is worth going for a ride in one of its boats to appreciate the style of its floating houses with its immense forest in the background. It is essential to visit the totems in Stanley Park where you will also find some beautiful beaches.

Right on the border with the United States and Canada, it is worth visiting Niagara Falls, a group of impressive waterfalls, located at the other end of Lake Ontario, as it is usual to reach this point from Toronto, also known as the clean version of New York, for its downtown of historic buildings, its emblematic neighborhoods and its famous markets: Kensigton Market and Saint Lawrence.

The best time to travel to North America

So, are we going? When? All year is a good time! The advantage that North America has is that all its destinations have charm at any time of the year. Also, go when you go, with Lufthansa you will find flights at a good price if you book in advance. And is that the flight with Lufthansa, the first 5-star airline in the world, is part of the travel experience from the beginning to the landing. All flights departing from Spain from Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Bilbao, Valencia, Santiago de Compostela and Pamplona, ​​among other Spanish airports, include the transit experience in Frankfurt and Munich.

On intercontinental flights you can choose between 4 booking classes: First Class, Business Class, Premiun Economy Class and Economy Class. In addition, all passengers have free catering on board on all flights and in all booking classes. The most exquisite palates will be able to choose between the different dishes from their menus and appetizers menu, a varied selection of varied cold and hot drinks with or without alcohol, special menus for allergic, diabetic or vegetarian people, typical cuisine of the country in journeys international and healthy and appetizing children's menus.

And to enjoy a non-boring flight, Lufthansa offers a wide range of entertainment on all its routes with live TV channels, trailers, reports and music videos, as well as the latest technology at the service of the passenger that allows the possibility of connecting to Internet on board. And as a novelty, some of the destinations in North America are operated with the largest plane in the world and you can experience the Airbus A380.

What are you waiting for to travel to North America with your family? Reserve your seats now at Lufthansa and enjoy all its tourist attractions.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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