How to get a perfect skin

Having an enviable complexion with the perfect skin it is the desire of many (if not all) the women of the world. The appearance of the skin depends in part on the genetic inheritance, the food and the habits of life, as well as the care provided.

It is important to understand that the skin must always be taken care of, because it has a memory and what damages it today does not go away, it is fixed but it is not erased. It is useless to turn to the 40 desperate years to consult with the esthetician with his face ruined by too much sun for decades. Is the idea understood?

Having tanned skin is very beautiful aesthetically, but ... think of women who have exposed their skin to the sun for years. Surely in their youth they looked very good, very attractive. But what happened to them when they went through the third decade? I also do not want to discourage those who are in that situation, but to help them become aware that they must take care of their skin from a very young age, because when the years have passed it is very difficult to correct the alterations that may occur in an attacked skin.

When the damage is done, it only remains to try to improve the skin as much as possible and care intensely. This is fundamental! These are treatments that exist to improve a complexion that has suffered aggressions for a long time and in which the signs of the passage of time are already visible, or when the skin seems to be much older than what it is really.

It is also useful for women who want to maintain the beauty and freshness of their skin and delay the appearance of the first signs of aging.

Aesthetic treatments for perfect skin

IPL, intense pulsed light
The treatment with intense pulsed light is indicated for various aesthetic conditions of the skin, such as the removal of spots, fine wrinkles, facial rejuvenation, etc. It is very effective for skins that present photoageing and skin alterations associated with age, although it also offers very good results in the elimination of treating the marks generated by acne and in the reduction of the size of the dilated pores.

The IPL makes use of a beam of light of a certain color according to the condition to be treated. Do not confuse with the laser that they are not the same. It can be done at any time of the year, but it is crucial that the skin is not tanned.

An excellent treatment for the recovery of the skin of the face and body. It is a roller that has titanium microneedles or surgical steel, and when it is passed over the tissue temporarily opens the pores generating the release of growth factors, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, and cell regeneration. It is ideal to eliminate wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, acne marks, cellulite, sagging, spots and hair loss.

It is an aesthetic treatment that performs a selective exfoliation of the skin to a greater or lesser depth. It serves for any part of the body, eliminating spots, acne marks, photo-aging, stretch marks, scars, hyperkeratosis, roughness, etc.

There are several types of peeling:
Chemical peeling: It is made with acids to treat blemishes, sagging, thickening of the skin, wrinkles, marks, etc. Ultrasonic Peeling: is done with ultrasound to perform a deep cleaning, unclog pores, remove comedones, reduce imperfections, and help penetrate the active ingredients of the creams.

Mechanical peeling: It is done with brushes, lathes, crystals, sandpaper or stone. An example is microdermabrasion with diamond tips. This system erodes the superficial layers of the skin, softens wrinkles and various alterations, while stimulating the production of collagen. It is the indicated treatment for wrinkles of the frown and the contour of the mouth.

Fractionated CO2 Laser
It is a team of aesthetic equipment indicated for the treatment of facial rejuvenation par excellence, although it also gives very good results eliminating scars, marks and stretch marks. It is a laser that works with carbon dioxide and a heat source (laser diode or radiofrequency). It stimulates the natural regeneration process, getting a new, fresh skin without alterations. With the CO2 laser treatment you get a revitalized and luminous skin, without spots or redness, with a uniform tone, softened and even eliminated wrinkles, and a much more tense complexion.

It is a technique of body and facial aesthetics that momentarily alters the membrane of the cells allowing the passage of the active ingredients contained in the creams applied during the treatment. It is used in cases of: "Facial rejuvenation" Flaccidity and detachment "Facial dryness" Smoothing of expression lines and wrinkles "Cellulitis" Localized adiposity "

HIFU body modeling
Through the application of high intensity focused ultrasound excellent results in facial rejuvenation are achieved.It is very effective to eliminate wrinkles of different depth, lines of expression, flaccidity and modeling of the facial oval. The ultrasound energy is emitted with magnifying effect to generate an immediate contraction of the skin, neocolagenesis and elastogenesis in the medium term.

Unlike other anti-aging systems, the HIFU generates thousands of precise coagulation points in different depths without damaging the surrounding tissue, which accelerates the process of neocolagenesis, and therefore the skin looks better from the first application. It is ideal for people between 35 to 55 years with mild to moderate flaccidity, but it is also effective for younger people who want to delay the appearance of the first signs of age.

It serves to treat wrinkles, periocular, perioral and forehead; flaccidity in cheeks, jaw and neck; also to improve the appearance of the drooping eyebrows. As you can see there are many treatments to improve the appearance of your skin and get eliminate the alterations you may have, but they are not a panacea. In addition to this you have to change your lifestyle habits for others healthy, avoid excessive sun exposure, always use creams with adequate SPF, take a balanced diet, drink a lot but plenty of water, and follow a daily routine of cleaning and skin care.

Daniela Montecchiarini

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