Children's health problems in summer, how to prevent them

Holidays are not a time without problems. In this section of the year there are many risks that all family members face, of course, children are not an exception and may also be affected by them. As always, the prevention It is the best medicine to avoid these situations and all the effects they cause.

Knowing the situations in which these health problems are caused will help to maintain the prevention from the same. From extreme care in the pools to monitor fresh food in possible poor condition. With just a little vigilance with what is done at home you will get to spend a very quiet summer, at least in the field of health.

In the pool

The pool is one of the most visited destinations during the summer. In these moments we must exercise caution in different ways. The first step should be to take care of the Sun burns and for it nothing better than a protective cream of a factor suitable to the skin of the smallest. Remember to apply new layers over time.

You also have to be careful with the infections. It must be remembered that except when they enter the water, children must wear flip flops to avoid the spread of fungus, especially in the showers before diving into the pool.

Once the children have already entered the water, you have to take care of the otitis. This infection is typical of children who spend a lot of time in the water. After leaving the pool you have to dry your ears with enthusiasm and help drain the fluid in this area of ​​the body of the smallest.

Finally, if parents choose to bring their own food from home, they will have to take precautions regarding the state of the food and keep it refrigerated. In the event that you choose to have lunch at the venue, you will have to check the status of the dishes that are placed on the table. This will prevent the stomach flu and other stomach problems.

On the beach

As in the pool, it will be necessary to take into account the sun protection and the dryness of the ears for the prevention of otitis. The review of foods, both those that are carried and those that are acquired in a restaurant, will be essential if you want to keep stomach problems away.

In addition, in this environment we must also remember the announcements that arrive next to the flags. If there is a warning due to the presence of jellyfish, the bath should be totally forbidden so that the skin of the little ones does not come into contact with the toxins produced by these annoying neighbors during the summer.

It is also recommended to check the status of the area where the family is going to be established so that the presence of sharp objects can cause some injury in the smallest. The presence of water in the baggage must be ensured to avoid dehydration.

In order to avoid sunstroke, it is recommended that in case of walk along the shore, children hats so that the incidence of sun rays on their heads is lower. These walks should be restricted during the hours of greatest incidence of the sun king.

Damián Montero

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