The University of Córdoba reduces cyberbullying by 17% with its new program

Among all the words that have been integrated into our vocabulary due to the arrival of new technologies, there is one that has become a real headache for parents, educators and others related to the education of the youngest. Cyber ​​bullying It has become a term that worries much about the risks involved and how difficult it is to detect.

There are few who have assumed the role of fighting against bullying. From individuals to entities such as the University of Córdoba, UCO, which with its new educational program has managed to reduce the figures of cyber bullying in the classrooms where these tools have been put in place.

Program Make sure

Make sure is the name of this program that has been carried out by the Department of Psychology of the UCO and directed by Rosario Del Rey of the University of Seville. An initiative that José Antonio Casas, UCO professor explains, consists of "direct contact with students in the classroom, through training classes and practical activities." Both actions pursue three objectives: the first one is the denormalization of behaviors like, for example, convincing a student that uploading 350 photos to Instagram is not normal. "

In the second part of the program, work was done on cognitive self-regulation. That is, the possibility of managing impulsive behavior in social networks. And finally, thirdly, they try to dismantle ideas and beliefs extended among teenagers, as "nothing happens by sending personal photos committed if you do it to people you trust".

After analyzing the behavior of 479 students (54.9% girls) of Compulsory Secondary Education of Andalusian educational centers that has participated in the program 'Asegúrate', has seen a better use of social networks and a reduction of online aggressions.

In particular, the numbers of cyberbullying have been reduced in a 17% after analyzing the cases of these students. The results of this study have also demonstrated the fundamental role of the teaching staff, since it was the teachers who developed the entire program with the teaching material, activities and a guide of conduct, all designed by the research staff responsible for the study.

Measures against cyberbullying

Although in the case of the 'Make sure' program, the teachers have worked together with the children, in the case of the parents, some of them can also be offered notions to prevent cyberbullying:

- The power of technology. Smartphones, computers, tablets. These are some of the devices that accompany the smallest in their day to day and are seen by them as a leisure object. However, parents must teach that they are objects capable of generating great problems.

- Concept of privacy Parents should make it clear that just as a stranger on the street is not told any personal information, neither should be offered so lightly on social networks or any other space on the network.

- Build trust. If in the case of physical harassment it is difficult to detect what is happening, in cyberbullying this difficulty increases. Children should feel that their parents support them and that they can go to them to make them aware of their situation.

- That they know they can help. If they report a case of cyberbullying, they can prevent others from going through the same situation. Looking at yourself without doing anything does not solve anything, but otherwise you can protect even friends.

Damián Montero

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