A natural cosmetics workshop: ideal to connect with your teenage daughter

Adolescence is a beautiful time, but possibly difficult for both daughters and mothers and fathers. It is a period in which our children begin to consider themselves as adults and independent, and tend not to listen and see in us their enemies or people who do not understand them.

In this stage, the relationship between mothers and fathers and daughters is when it usually generates more conflicts. Girls seek to be treated as adults, want to make their own decisions, choose their dress, what to do and how. They prefer the company of their friends, the people they trust blindly.

Girls begin to manifest their physiological changes since the first menstruation appears. In general, they become more flirtatious and begin to imitate their idols both in clothes, the way they express themselves, how to comb their hair ...

A body in transformation in adolescence

These changes can also cause feelings and beliefs that are unfounded by themselves, even distorted from reality. Many times, they feel unhappy with their body that is in full swing, we like it if they are too high, neither if they are short, if they have a lot of chest, or on the contrary little. The skin of the face begins to change, and due to the hormonal processes can appear pimples, pimples and affect their self-esteem.

Beauty for them begins to have a great weight, especially to be accepted in their environment. In short, it is a time full of changes at all levels, which also happen in a short time, and find it difficult to assimilate, and at this time, the opinion of mothers do not interest them and tend to move away from us.

Therefore, to connect with your daughter at this stage, it is important to look for spaces in which to share interests, where obligations are left aside, and a relaxed atmosphere is created, which invites to have fun and open the trust between the two .

A natural cosmetics workshop: ideal to connect with your teenage daughter

Attending a workshop to make natural cosmetics together is a good opportunity to connect with your daughter, for the following reasons:

- The fact of going to learn something new that the two of you do not position you in the same way.

- It's an occasion to get more out of your beauty, and handle a natural technique very different from everything you know.

- Strengthens the bonds of friendship. This practice, if you enjoy it, leaving aside the role of mother and daughter, can help you understand your teenage daughter and detect possible complexes, so that later you can support her and reinforce her in that sense.

- It's a way to connect with real beauty, learn skin care routines, understand the changes your skin is experiencing and discover how to be responsible for your own facial hygiene, giving you tools to make you feel good about yourself.

- The process of creating your own natural cosmetics products, experimenting with textures and aromas, will create a relaxed, relaxed atmosphere in which to strengthen your bond, and where your daughter will lower her defenses and be more open to show her feelings and receive your expressions of affection, which she sometimes rejects. Also, sure that opens the door to share even your cosmetics and having something to share on a day to day basis.

- The deep knowledge of why and for what we use certain products. A natural cosmetics workshop is also very useful to learn the dubious ingredients offered by conventional cosmetics and be aware of what substances we use to care for our skin.

In short, it is about finding a moment of connection between the two, away from routine and responsibilities. A moment of relaxation and learning.

Rocio Rivera. Co-founder of Atelier Bio

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