Bad rest alters the development of speech in babies

Sleeping at the end of the day helps recharge the batteries after a whole day of activities. The lack of rest has important consequences for all people, including babies can see the development of speech compromised. A warning made by researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada.

A work in which the number of hours that people sleep has been analyzed babies who participated in it and its possible effects on their development. A relationship that has been shown as negative in those little ones with a rest less than 12 hours a day.

The importance of sleep

Among the 822 children who participated in this study, 4 "itineraries" of sleep in babies were detected:

- Babies who slept little (17.9%)

- Babies slept 12 hours per day (21.1%)

- Babies who slept 12.6 h per day to one year, intermediate sleepers (36.9%)

- Babies who slept 13.9, long sleepers (24.1%)

- Babies who slept 14.7 h.

Those babies who slept little (less than 12 hours a day) had a lower cognitive development and scores in the language at two years of age compared to the small ones with intermediate sleep. Another of the data collected in this study was that night rest was more important for participants than during the day.

Tips for baby's sleep

As indicated from the Nemours Foundation Newborn babies can sleep up to 18 hours per day and wake up every few hours to eat. It is recommended to wake the little ones every 3 or 4 hours to eat until they show a good weight gain, which usually happens in the first weeks.

From this body it is recommended to establish a routine with the baby before bedtime. Bathing, reading and singing will help the child relax and rest well. Even when the newborn may be too young to understand the signs, establishing a bedtime routine may help later. And putting the baby in the crib at night teaches the child that this is the place to sleep.

If the baby is upset, you can cuddle, cuddle and sing until they are calm. During the first months of life, it definitely will not be "spoiling"to the child (In fact, the newborns who are raised during the day usually give them less colic and discomfort).

Damián Montero

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