Postpartum beauty tricks

The arrival of a new member to the family is always cause for happiness and joy. However, the enormous hormonal alteration, the lack of sleep and the exhaustion of taking care of a newborn makes the skin suffer. However, feeling beautiful after childbirth is possible by following these tips.

Every woman is different and every pregnancy a world, but there are many concerns that mothers share after giving birth to their baby. Some concerns that can be dealt with a good daily beauty routine and aesthetic treatments adapted to the needs of each body.

Loss of weight in the postpartum

The first of these is weight loss. During pregnancy, women gain between 9 and 15 kilos. Some of these kilos are lost at the time of giving birth, although many women show greater difficulty when it comes to recovering the figure they had before pregnancy. In this situation it is not necessary to despair, it is best to go to a dietitian-nutritionist to assess the nutritional status and, based on this, design an optimal feeding plan for each woman and their needs. In addition, you can not miss a good weekly exercise routine, which includes a specific hypopressive gymnastics plan for the abdomen, if you really want to lose sight of those kilillos that have been gained during pregnancy.

Fight against flaccidity

Together with the weight gain, the flaccidity becomes another major headache after childbirth. One way to prevent the lack of elasticity of the skin is to moisturize it throughout pregnancy, although in some cases flaccidity is inevitable. In these cases, many women opt for specific treatments to reaffirm the skin and that it regain its pre-pregnancy status.

The use of firming creams during and after pregnancy, having a basic exercise routine and even making use of mobile training applications are some of the options to recover elasticity and muscle tone. On the other hand, there are numerous reducing treatments that facilitate the remodeling of the body, the most popular of which is cavitation, since it ends up with localized fat through the rupture of fat cells thanks to the great pressure exerted by ultracavitational waves. , so painlessly this treatment helps to recover the firmness lost during the last 9 months.

Breast care during breastfeeding

The care of the breasts during pregnancy is essential, since it is the baby's feeding source. The skin of this area is very delicate, so it should be treated with moisturizing products that do not irritate the skin. In addition, due to breastfeeding the firmness of the breast can be resentful, so the use of firming is an essential in the beauty routine after delivery.

The fatigue accumulated in the postpartum

The arrival of a baby at home is always cause for lack of sleep, because the nights are very long and sleep becomes a luxury. This results in a tired appearance and the face shows a clear lack of light. The 20 or 30 minutes to make up each morning become a challenge, so to get back the "good face" effect, without neglecting the baby, it is best to opt for all-in-one products, such as dry oils or creams with color that moisturize while matching the color of the face. Hormones directly influence the appearance of acne or even spots on the skin, so cleaning, moisturizing and applying sunscreen should not be overlooked.

Specific care for your hair

Not only the skin is altered after pregnancy, also the hair suffers in the postpartum, since in many occasions it is brittle and dull. Once again, hydration plays a key role. In addition to using paraben-free shampoos and conditioners, homemade masks made from olive, coconut or avocado oil can be a natural and effective option for hair to regain its original texture and shine.

Motherhood is full of joys and beautiful moments and although, sometimes, the skin, hair and face can be affected by betting on specific beauty products and treatments, as well as resorting to traditional beauty tricks, they are the best option for those moms who do not want to give up their image.

Carmen Díaz Director of the aesthetics center Germaine Goya

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