Benefits of the game with the ball and the ball

For a good coordination is necessary the maturity of the nervous system and the continuous repetition of exercises. And this, how is it achieved? Practicing with the ball. The ball and ball sports both those practiced with hands and feet develop good coordination in children and constitute a higher order learning such as reading and writing.

As children grow, they need to acquire adequate coordination of all parts of their body. It is essential, for example, to perform any sport in the future. The simple act of kicking a ball involves a whole complex series of processes: from hitting the ball without falling, to kicking with an appropriate intensity and direction.

Enjoy a Good coordination means being able to use and move different parts of the body with ease, that is, that children are able to control. We all have in mind how young children are not able, at first, to perform certain movements (jumping, for example) because they still do not know how to share all the movements that are needed.

In order for children to move without difficulties and thus achieve good coordination, it is necessary for them to acquire knowledge and mastery of their own body; that learns to move in a given space; and that he learns to make a series of successive movements, one after the other.

Basic skills to acquire coordination

These acquisitions are important since young children have to go from a state of absolute prostration, when it is a baby, to an upright posture, first. Then he will execute important movements like walking, running, jumping, going up and down steps ..., necessary for the sport, for example. To get here, two aspects are fundamental: maturation of your nervous system and what do exercises in which you practice movements, failing to achieve the goal.

A second step of coordination is to acquire more complex and sophisticated skills, such as throwing a ball with aim, hitting a ball that is rolling or in the air ... These acquisitions are fundamental for higher order learning such as reading and writing or for handling small instruments.

When the child gets skills in movement, he experiences feelings of mastery, self-esteem, etc. and favors their emotional balance. It also has repercussions to concentrate and to relate to others. A large number of school failures are related to a lack of movement development and coordination.

The ball in the development of children's coordination

There are many exercises to stimulate and develop the coordination of our children, but if we use a ball or a ball as instruments we will have assured success. Boys and girls are especially attracted to this element of play.

The exercises with the ball aim to develop the two types of coordination that occur in man: motor coordination (or dynamics) and visual (or visomotor).

Motor coordination

The dynamic or motor coordination is the possibility that we have to execute actions putting in operation a series of organs and muscles. As a result of the organized action of those muscles and organs, certain gestures and precise actions are achieved, adjusted to the objectives we propose. Thus, a good coordination gets, for example, that our hands come together when we want to give a slap. The three exercises of dynamic coordination, par excellence, are: walking (walking), running and jumping.

Visual coordination

Visual coordination is what allows certain movements adjusted by the control of vision. That is, the vision of an object at rest or in motion causes the precise execution of movements (adjusted to its weight and dimension) to catch it, hit it, etc.

This type of coordination is fundamentally based on the relationship established between the view and the action of the hands and feet. Its development has an enormous importance in the learning of the writing, reason why it supposes of adjustment and precision of the hand. The basic activities of visual coordination are throwing, receiving and hitting. This field is the privileged field of use of balls and balls.

Beatriz Bengoechea

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