6 games with a ball to improve the psychomotor skills of children

Playing with a ball between the feet or with the hands is one of the best trainings to improve the psychomotor skills of children. Specifically, the games with ball They have many benefits, improve dynamic coordination and children develop this skill with interest in a playful and fun way.

Ball games to improve dynamic coordination

Apart from the classics such as football and basketball, there are other games with a ball, which although they are based on them, can be constituted as an isolated practice. The mastery of these techniques of the game with ball is really what helps children to develop and improve their psychomotor skills, specifically dynamic coordination.

1. Dodge zig-zag. We will place a row of balls on the floor (in a more or less large room, in the corridor, on the terrace or on the street) separated by 50 centimeters. The boy must go dodging them in zig-zag, without touching any ball. At first, it will seem pretty clumsy.

We can motivate you by saying that this exercise is done by professional soccer players to train. This will put more effort and in a short time will improve its coordination.

2. Circles around the ball. We will tell our son or daughter to put their hands on a ball that is on the ground. The exercise consists of spinning around the ball, leaning on it with your hands, and leaving your legs straight, as straight as possible. The exercise is not easy because it has to hold the balance on an unstable ball and also move the feet laterally.

If we do the exercise with a music that has rhythm we will help you.

3. Chutar y parada. Our son will play both player and goalkeeper at the same time. In a somewhat open space, we will tell you to kick the ball with your dominant foot. After kicking you will have to run until you pass the ball and pick it up with your hands, like a goalkeeper. You can insert a variant: instead of holding it with your hands, stop it again with the dominant foot.

You will always succeed with this exercise because if he shoots well, we will tell him that he has scored, and if for good we will tell him that he is a great goalkeeper.

4. Balance with the ball. For this exercise, the boy must be in an initial position: with one foot on the ball and the other on the ground. At a signal, and like a game, you must quickly change position: the foot that was on the ball will lower it to the ground and with the other one it will step on the ball. This change should be done at once, with rhythm, that is, coordinating their movements.

If at first you have trouble doing it with the ball, try it on a ladder.

5. Boot, boot ... my ball. Although it may seem like another exercise for the girls, throwing the ball is very important for coordinating the movements of the children. First they will have to throw continuously, as if it were a basketball player. When they are already driving and can bounce many times in a row we will complicate the exercise: that at a signal raise one leg and pass the ball underneath, without stopping bouncing with the same hand.

One more degree of difficulty could be bouncing the ball with your eyes closed.

6. Soccer players. To perform this exercise you do not have to be footballers, but if you like this sport you will be more motivated. It is about our son trying to kick a ball with both feet. At the beginning it can be complicated, because many movements are involved and it needs a lot of coordination.

Another exercise for "soccer fans" could be that he ran with the ball in a straight line, as if he were playing soccer, and at a signal he stopped the ball and gave him a heel.

Beatriz Bengoechea

Video: balance game/preschool kids

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