Activities to teach the value of respect for children

Summer, vacations and free time. A trinomial that can be taken advantage of in many ways, from reading a new book, playing in different ways and even getting bored to activate the imagination. But these spaces can also be dedicated to the teaching of different abilities that they have not been able to develop at other times of the year.

Among all the skills that can be taught during the summer months, the value of respect to children is a very important one. Several are the practices with which to instill this talent to the youngest ones and these are some of the proposals by the graduate in Pedagogy Nitzia Viridiana Castellanos Hernández in her thesis.

Use of the game

The game is not just for fun. Through these activities Different teachings can also be made. Among these, respect and tolerance can be two skills to inculcate among the little ones:

- Empathy on paper. Children write on a paper how they would like to be treated and why. At the same time, parents and siblings also do the same. The mission is for the little ones to learn to recognize the feelings of the rest and know how to behave so that the rest feel good.

- Exchange of roles. Each member of the family will receive a paper indicating the role they must assume in the game. The mission of this game is that the little ones understand the mission that parents have within the home and can develop empathy whose purpose is the empowerment of respect.

- Respect for differences. Parents and children should sit down and talk about each other's differences. In particular, it is recommended that the elders ask the children if any of these characteristics is a mockery or laugh for the rest. By revealing that these characteristics are their own, children must understand that they were making fun of themselves and therefore understand the need to respect the rest.

- Respect diversity. Children and parents must reflect on what makes them different. The objective is to see that what distinguishes people from the rest is not a bad thing, but something that must be appreciated that each individual has and can offer to the rest.

- Teamwork. Parents should propose an activity that all household members should do. The mission is to respect the role that each one has within this mission.

Damián Montero

Video: Teaching Children Respect in 5 Minutes or Less!

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