The benefits of riddles in the development of children

There are many games that can be practiced as a family. The time with the members of the home is essential not only to develop the bond between parents and children, but also because different skills can be developed depending on the practices that are carried out in home.

A good example are the riddles, activities that have multiple benefits for the little ones in the house. As indicated by the Central Union and Independent of Officials, CSIFIn one of its publications, this activity is positioned as an extraordinary didactic resource in the teaching and learning process in the school. Its introduction into the classroom through a meaningful, motivating and playful methodology, make it a fundamental means to achieve in a very attractive way for children the objectives that the teacher proposes.

What are the riddles for?

From CSIF it is indicated that the riddle it is a resource widely used in early childhood education. Something that is due to its attractive presentation in the form of rhyme that creates in the boy and the girl the motivation and the taste for them, as much by learning them and reproducing them, as by finding the answer.

What are the riddles for? The CSIF experts highlight the following benefits:

- Power memory. Children should memorize the riddle of the riddle to find the answer. This helps the children to internalize sentences.

- Learning new words. Many riddles contain classic words that the little ones do not know, through them they can learn their meaning.

- End of the routine. Many are the activities that are carried out on a daily basis, but very common all of them. Riddles are not very common so betting will help you get out of the routine.

- Help mental exercise. Thinking about the statement of the riddle until reaching the answer is a formula to develop the mind.

- To work the oral language. Children learn riddles and share them with their friends, something that favors the development of their oral language because in this way they share the information they have internalized about their parents, grandparents or friends.

- Motivation of children. Proposing a challenge and inviting the youngest to solve it is always a motivation to get the best out of themselves and find the answer.

Riddling Proposals

These are some riddles to share with the smallest of the house, we also attach the answers to be able to know them before making them to the little ones:

- A great manor, always has a green hat and brown pants (Solution: the tree).

- Like the blinds of a window, if they close they do not let see (the eyelids).

- Mar I tell you and I repeat, what am I? (planet Mars).

- White on the inside, green on the outside. If the answer you want to know, wait (the pear).

- This bank is occupied by a father and a son, the father is called Juan and the son has already told you (Esteban).

- For a road a bug is walking and his name I have already told you (the cow).

Damián Montero

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