Summer sales, how to make smart purchases in family

Summer is synonymous with holidays, fun and disconnection. However, the transfers, the stays away from home and many other activities suppose a waste for the family economy. The summer period It involves many expenses that find another extra with the return to school: textbooks, school supplies, clothing, etc. Any savings, therefore, becomes a good option.

A good formula to be able to save is to buy in sales. Many stores, during this summer period, lower their prices and offer numerous products at affordable prices. But as the proverb says, there is another thing that shines, and in these moments you have to know how to buy. For this, from the Consumers Union of the Valencian Community, the following tips are offered.

What does rebate mean?

The family must be clear about a very important point before embarking on purchases. The fact of taking advantage of these discounts has a purpose: avoid spending more than the household can afford. Therefore, the first step must be to be very clear about what to look for. Going without a scheme of what is going to be acquired can end up causing an overspend to acquire more than necessary.

Therefore, review the closet and think what garments should be renewed and which ones will not help to better define the purchase. For example, if last year's shelter has become too small, the objective of the visit to the shopping center should be the search for this product and not another.

The next step should be to know the concept of rebate. This term refers to a discount on a product that maintains its same characteristics at other times of the year. Therefore, articles that show flaws and other flaws can not be included within this term. Neither can they be considered as reduced articles whose policy of return Do not be the same as at other times.

The consumer must be aware that, when purchasing an item, whether or not it is on sale, there is an obligation to change it or recover the money as long as it is defective or damaged, or when it is advertised from the shop itself. Of course, we must learn about the return policies and know the deadlines for not getting out of them before an acquisition that has not met expectations.

Consumer rights

Another feature in which the family should look is in the labeling of the product. In this section, both the original price as the one that keeps after the reduction next to the discount percentage applied. The establishment must also offer other types of information such as the time during which this discount period will be maintained.

The start and end dates of the sales period must be set at visible way In the establishment. This space must also clearly indicate and separate the discounted products from the new season and avoid confusion that may cause a buyer to take an item that has no discount.

The consumer may pay the amount of their purchases in the same way that the establishment establishes the rest of the year, unless it is reported in a timely manner. specific, in a visible and clearly otherwise to problems with some forms of payment.

At the same time, the client can not be forced to pay a surcharge by paying with a card during the sales period. The return of the money before a disagreement with the chosen product, will also be made in the same way in which the payment was executed: cash or with a credit card.

Damián Montero

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