Behavioral rules for parents and children in playgrounds

In the summer, the catalog of activities to be carried out is not limited to beach, swimming pool or trips. One morning in the playground, or a visit when the temperatures are lowered, also suppose a great fun for the smallest of the house. But before setting foot in these places you have to take into account a series of rules to ensure a good day.

So much to protect the health of the smallest of the house, as to avoid inconveniences with other children, when going to the playground parents and children should have a series of rules clear in order to avoid problems.

Security before everything

Health comes first when visiting a playground. If any accident happens, the fun ends and it is always better to finish the day coming back home with a smile in your mouth than visiting pediatric emergencies. At the entrance to these areas there is usually a list with the rules of behavior to follow and prevent mishaps.

In any case, parents should warn the youngest children of certain behaviors, such as never jumping on a slide. of head to avoid blows in this area of ​​the head. It should also be made clear that when climbing on some surfaces, they must do so in the areas indicated for it and never go down in other areas.

Children will also have to exercise extreme caution when passing through areas likely to cause accidents, such as swings where they can receive a blow when another minor is ascending or descending. Another detail to take into account is the play area and the recommended age to be able to carry out these activities.

Carry out an activity in a zone recommended for children of Older it can end with a fall or with the small one surrounded by other minors of greater stature that can cause its precipitation. Finally, when returning home, parents should ensure that when they return home, the children clean themselves to avoid contagion of certain germs present in these recreation areas.

House Rules

Not only must the rules for accident prevention be taken into account. We must remember that the playground is a space for play and coexistence among many children. Therefore you have to make sure that the fun of some does not end up becoming a bad experience for others.

The first step should be respect for the fun of others during leisure activities. Children must learn to save your turn and the queues before you can enjoy a swing. If a problem arises with another small one, you have to avoid the conflict and in case of suffering a push or a blow, you do not have to continue lighting the situation and get to transform this situation into a fight.

In the case of parents, they must remember that the park is a place of enjoyment for the little ones. While they do not have to look away from their children while they make use of recreational areas, they should not intervene in these activities. They should allow children to socialize with others.

Damián Montero

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