Boredom in summer can also help children

Keep going summer! The youngest of the house continue their holidays, which means traveling, attending camps, going to the movies, etc. There are many formulas that exist to fill this free time so typical of the summer period. Even the boredom It can be a great idea to fill in these gaps in the children's routine.

Curiously enough, let the little ones in the house they bore at home during the summer also has benefits for children. Although the mission of many parents is to make their children have a good time at all times, and therefore constantly seek activities for minors, leaving space for this option can be a great idea.

The benefits of boredom

The summer afternoon arrives, the heat in the street prevents activities outside, the scheduled trip must still arrive and there is nothing to do. Boredom appears, should parents act and save these moments for the little ones? As pointed out by Cristina Gómez, psychologist-counselor of the Municipal Psychopedagogical Cabinet of Xirivella, in these occasions children have two options.

On the one hand, boredom can cause the child to maintain his passive stance and "keep bored"Posture that will lead him to look for another person to provide them with new ideas to solve this situation, or that responsible adults encourage them to take other actions.

Gómez recommends the second option and that parents encourage their children to think of an activity that motivates them to solve their boredom. If the child arrives asking for help to their parents to put an end to this feeling, adults, instead of providing the solution, should ask questions such as: "What would you like to do now? How can you do it at home?"

In addition, boredom is also a good formula to face frustration. Children want to have fun, but the situation is not conducive to them. They have to start up their imagination and manage this context that afflicts them To satisfy their discontent they must use resources such as creativity and memory to either find a novel solution or to remember another that has worked in the past.

Pilar Muñoz, a guidance psychologist in high school, also explains that exercise must also be present in the brain. You have to make the little ones start their minds and boredom is a good spark for turn on this spark. "We have to teach the kids to be alone and in silence, it is a fundamental exercise for our brain and we hardly practice it, we are creating multitask people and we do not realize the importance of stopping and being silent to reflect, order thoughts and be aware of our emotions, "concludes this professional.

Foment of the imagination

Imagination is one of the fastest and most effective responses against boredom. A capacity that can also be used in other contexts such as the resolution of conflicts In day to day:

- Reinforcement of self-esteem. Children must have confidence in themselves and be able to unleash their imagination, if the environment offers them this comfort, the children will continue to grow in this aspect.

- Applaud their initiatives. When the child, through their imagination, proposes an initiative to solve their situation parents should not underestimate them. Although they are not possible, we must explain the limits, but we must applaud this resolution of the children.

- Free play. There are games with a lot of rules, but others allow the child to direct the course of the situation. Wooden blocks for the child to build different shapes, puzzles that make the youngest stimulate their imagination to try to see what the complete shape of the puzzle would look like.

Damián Montero

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