How to become a good example in the use of new technologies

The example of the father is essential in the development of every child. The youngest tend to look at their parents to take good note of the behaviors they must perform in their day to day. Exercise, eating and even tastes are some of the behaviors that are transmitted from one generation to another. The new technologies they do not escape this influence either.

In a context where the management of new technologies can lead to a dependence on them or to misuse of these devices, it is imperative that children see how their parents are excellent users of these screens. For this, from the Ministry of Health General Directorate of Public Health and Consumption Drug Addiction Service of La Rioja offer the following tips to become the best example in this field.

Prevention agent

From the Government of La Rioja it is indicated that the family is the most important prevention agent. Parents play a very important role in preventing misuse of new technologies. Communication, the establishment of norms and limits, education in a formula of healthy leisure and free time, the promotion of personal skills are some of the instruments to teach children to be good users.

Being a good example for the little ones is also a tool for this purpose, prevention. A good formula to start in this teaching is to instill a respectful use of new technologies. Adults must become a benchmark of good education so that when surfing the net they keep these same formulas while they are on the Internet.

A second step to preach with the good example is to not share personal information on the internet. Many parents post pictures with their children on social networks, even when they are minors. The reserve of data in this online world must be maximum and never give the impression that this digital universe is a space where trust is common.

The message to be transmitted must be that on the Internet, caution must be exercised. Parents should take extreme care about what they believe or not, and not trust everything they find on the internet. In that sense, parents should establish a series of rules to look for information of rigor and that the children can internalize before beginning to locate said data.

Use of smartphones

The recent times have brought the expansion of smartphones in both young people and adults. Many are the uses that can be given to these technologies, from simple telephone calls, to the search of information on the Internet in a snapshot even make use of games in applications.

So many uses have smartphones that it is not surprising that they are used abusively. For this reason, parents should be the first to demonstrate how to use these dispositives. During family meetings, these screens should be in the background and never respond to messages through applications, except in case of emergency.

At the same time, other leisure methods should be pursued instead of applications for mobiles as games. The most essential thing is never to use the smartphone while the father drives, since this use shows total irresponsibility in the handling of new technologies.

Damián Montero

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