Activities to develop children's creativity

If we work the creativity of children from the early childhood education stage, with this training we can help our children to grow in autonomy, at the same time that they will be able to think for themselves, using their imagination to get original solutions to real problems. With all this, we are offering you the necessary tools to build a safe foundation and achieve good development throughout your life.

A suitable environment to develop creativity

Taking advantage of the fact that creativity is something innate, it will be easy to work it, because you just have to let it flow. For this it is necessary create an adequate space for children to play and they can be themselves. It is essential not to inhibit them and let them experiment through space and draw their own conclusions.

Many times, children are tried not to stain, not mess up things and not "destroy", but we do not realize that what for us can be bad, for them is to create. All you have to do is let them believe in a well conditioned space for it, we must open our minds and provide them with a unique and special space in which they can be themselves without needing to be "careful".

It is also important Give each child the necessary time to create. When an activity is developed, it is not a matter of planning it in two hours or ten minutes, but giving them the time each one needs to carry out that activity. Therefore, it is necessary to know each child and each child, as well as their needs, to respect them and work with them in mind and taking them as a starting point to stimulate their creativity. It is fundamental that we listen to the children and let them be the ones who ask us for what they need, since better than they can not tell anyone.

Many times we think they are too young to know what they want, but they know what their needs are, and although sometimes it seems crazy, it may be the best idea. In this aspect, we must respect each of their ideas or occurrences, without laughing at them and always respecting them, as this way we are providing them with security. This is paramount, because if we believe in their proposals, they will change the world with their creations.

A) Yes, to encourage creativity we must pose challenges and offer them new experiences. It is essential to teach them to dare to make mistakes and also to encourage teamwork. For all this, you have to do with them experimentation activities that allow them to both explore the world around them and evaluate the relevant options. And all with the game as a base, since it is playing as best emotions and imagination flow.

Activities to foster children's creativity

In this aspect, we can develop for example an activity that the school likes a lot, as it is create a story. The main idea is to make a story, whose authors are the smallest. For this we will ask them to tell us four characters. Once chosen, they will have to place them in a place in the world. When we have the site and the characters, with their names, they should start to create their story.

This activity we can accompany it in addition to a craft in which each one will create the characters as they are imagined and then tell the story with them. They can be puppets, painted on paper and then cut out, with rolls of paper to give them body. Here anything goes if the imagination is allowed to fly.

In this line, it must be said that perform activities at home to enhance creativity is simple, since many of those that are made in the school can be extrapolated, and it is not necessary a very large deployment of materials, because often the materials we use are materials that we can easily find in your day to day, such as: paper, plates, corks, straws, socks or even more natural elements such as sticks and stones.

Another activity that could be developed would be, for example, wear costumes, which is a very effective way to develop creativity, because for a moment they become another person and create a new story different from their own.

At home they can also be made murals, allowing them to do them by painting with the colors and the part of the body that they prefer or using materials like the ones we have named before. For example, taking advantage of the approaching summer, we can create our own beach using: continuous paper, where we will make a sketch of the beach; leaves, to fill the palm trees; Pinocchio paper of different colors to fill the umbrella; wool, to make the sea and tempera to make the sand.

They can also develop their creativity through creation of beings different from humans with different materials (For example, they can stick wool on a roll of paper and place their eyes where they want to create a monster, without being coerced when using the different elements). In addition, you can use natural elements, such as stones, nutshells, sticks, etc., and decorate them to your liking, Everything is valid to start creating!

In short, we must encourage creativity in children, as this will help us to develop positively their critical thinking and to form decisive people who will always find a solution to any difficulty.

Macarena Fern√°ndez de Isidro. Tutor of the Nemomarlin Alcobendas children's school


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