Plans to take advantage of the last days of summer

We must accept that summer is coming to an end, which means that the holidays of many families also close. You have to think about returning to the classroom and returning to work, however, there is still time to enjoy the few days left. To hurry these last days will allow that all can face these obligations with a greater smile in their mouths.

There are many plans that can be done in these last days of summer and that adapt to the tastes of all families. It is up to you to decide what you are going to invest the time that remains before returning to your obligations, without forgetting that you need to mentalize and prepare your return to school and work.

Last escapades

Have you known a little about the trips made during the summer? Has not there been any displacement and is the worm of a transfer? These are some options for those who want a last minute getaway:

- Getaway to the beach. Sand, water, walks. The beach is synonymous with summer and in these last days of summer can serve as an oasis of disconnection for all those who want to start their responsibilities with an open mind. If the family is a great lover of the sea, this is the best option.

- Getaway to the countryside. Rural houses, hotels surrounded by nature, hiking or cycling routes. There are many options that invite the family to make a short trip to the countryside with the family to be able to disconnect from the city and noise. Another good idea to gather strength before the start of responsibilities.

- Visit to relatives. Uncles in other cities, the village of grandparents, etc. There are many options for families to visit relatives and take advantage of these meetings to disconnect in the company of dear relatives.

- One last trip. What has been the city where you could not go on vacation? Before the course begins there is a last chance to go there and enjoy a few days with the family to remember the summer as an even happier time.

Without leaving the city

Is it impossible to make a trip for reasons of agenda? Surely the city where you live offers a multitude of activities to do and take advantage of until the last day of summer:

- Visit the museum. Many are the museums that house cities throughout the country. History, art, science, etc. At the beginning of the course it is more difficult to carry out all these activities, so these last days of summer are the best time to opt for these options.

- Theatrical representation. Lovers of the dramatic genre? The theaters present in their posters numerous works throughout the year, why not get carried away by the magic of these rooms during one night? From funny comedies to musicals, the family chooses the function.

- A day at the zoo. Wildlife has a lot to offer and everyone in the family can learn a lot from a visit to the zoo. In this way all the members of the household will meet species that in their day to day could not see in their city. Elephants, lions, tigers and even aquatic specimens.

Damián Montero

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