Proposal to include nutritional education as a compulsory subject in primary

Obesity has become one of the problems of today. The overweight in the new generations worries about the amount of diseases derived from this situation that will affect the children both in the short and in the long term. The sedentary lifestyle and the bad feeding they are the two main causes of this context that society faces.

How to start the fight against this situation? Undoubtedly, education plays a very important role because thanks to it the foundations are laid that will serve as a guide for the little ones throughout their lives. For this reason, the Edukasano project proposes an idea, establish compulsory subjects in primary school that serve to teach good habits food and of exercise.

Japanese model

The Edukasano project proposal is based on the Japanese model that was implanted in 2005 in the Japanese country and that has managed to reverse the rates of overweight of this nation. So much so that today has the lowest rate of obesity in the world, was the germ of this initiative to combat childhood obesity through education and promote healthy, diverse and responsible nutrition of Spanish society.

In this way Edukasano is presented, a project promoted by different associations and that seeks to incorporate Nutritional Education as a compulsory subject at the Primary and Secondary levels. A request that is made to the Government and the regional administrations.

The first step would be to establish a Basic Law of national scope that allows to include this subject that would be based on the Japanese model. Some teachings that seek to promote physical and mental health through the knowledge of foods and their combinations, as well as concepts such as a balanced and responsible diet.

Decalogue to make good dining rooms

Just as school plays a very important role in the education of children, you can not forget the role of the family. Inside the home You can also teach the little ones to become good eaters:

1. A complete and balanced diet maintains health and prevents diseases. Children should be made to see that if they eat everything, they will have great advantages, such as being stronger and always being healthy so they can play and do whatever they want.

2. There are many flavors to discover. Why close only to the known? If they give an opportunity they will discover really tasty dishes that they will enjoy.

3. Five meals a day. Chopping between meals is a bad idea, and yes, waiting from breakfast to lunch, for example, can cause hunger that must be satiated. For this, nothing better than introducing two small meals among the most important of the day.

4. Parents too. Children learn from what parents do, if their diet is not the best, theirs will be the same. Try that the little ones imitate good actions at the table.

5. Breakfast. A good way to instill breakfast in children is to make them see that without it they will not have the energy to play at recess or learn in class.

6. The alternatives. Do not force a child to eat something he does not like, but look for alternatives. Do not like tomatoes? Well, there are other green options on the market that will surely be to your liking.

7. Teach the value of food at home. Many ads make children want to eat fast food franchises, before this advertising nothing better than highlighting the values ​​of what is cooked at home.

8. Let him choose. Why not let the child choose what he wants to eat? If a menu is always imposed, it will tend to reject the constant obligation. Asking and trying to adapt your decision to a more nutritious perspective is not a bad idea.

9. No, you do not have to eat everything on the plate. Once your appetite is satisfied, you should not continue to force the child to continue eating, as this can even cause some harm in him.

10. At the table you eat. The smartphone is not a good companion on the table, or portable consoles or other devices that distract. The best way to prevent it is not allowing it from the first hour and of course, preaching by example.

Damián Montero

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