How to prevent your suitcase or backpack from ruining your vacation

When we go on a trip, the bags and backpacks loaded too much and the bad postures when dragging and / or lifting them can ruin the expected holidays of many people. In fact, there are those who just leave home and get injured with an annoying back pain that crushes him during the holidays.

To avoid that the weight of the suitcase and backpack is an inconvenience during your holidays, a basic advice to avoid aches, contractures and other injuries of greater severity is to think well what we are going to take to avoid the excess of luggage and how We will take.

Suitcases with wheels

The need to use suitcases with wheels arises as an alternative to carrying the weight of a travel bag. They are recommended for short trips, such as those necessary for the transfer. However, the handle should be adjustable to be able to match it. In this way, you avoid crouching by forcing unnatural postures.

At the time of uploading the suitcase to a car or compartments in height, we should never bend down without bending the knees, but on the contrary, in order to avoid low back pain or the dreaded sciatica (that pain in the lower back area that radiates to the lower and back part of the leg). It is very disabling and can ruin our holidays.

Traveling from backpackers

If we are going to go backpacking, look at the weight. Fundamental to take the minimum and distribute it from top to bottom and from left to right. The backpack should be tight, both on the waist and on the shoulders. In this area of ​​the shoulders it is recommended that the straps be wide enough to cushion the weight and distribute it correctly. If they are padded we will also reduce the discomfort.

Choose shoes well

Of course, footwear is also essential to prevent back pain and should always be appropriate to the environment in which we are going to move. For the mountain, go to specialized stores and do not forget to also buy walking sticks, which help prevent injuries by maintaining balance in the spine.

In the sea and the pools, the flip flops give many dislikes, as well as their indiscriminate use in the city. Beyond the slips and falls that can cause, being absolutely flat and lacking any anatomical design, they cause back pain.

On car trips, a lot of caution

Car transfers can also be a reason for back injury. Collisions in which one vehicle is impacted by another from behind are very dangerous because they cause cervical injuries of different severity. It is very important to note that the occupants of the vehicle in the rear must also wear the seat belt.

In addition, the driver should not remove the left arm through the window. Added to the risk involved in an accident, prolonged driving in this position can cause the appearance of supraspinatus tendonitis, due, in this case, to inflammation of the shoulder by repeated forced movements.

Travel with your pillow

If you can, finally, travel with your pillow. Sleeping can cause contractures and very painful pinching. Change of mattress seems inevitable, but it is that your back does not notice so many changes in such a short time.

Marisol Nuevo Espín
Advice:Ata Pouramini. Director of Quiropractic Valencia and School of the Back.

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