Reading aloud to children improves their attention

Attention plays a very important role in the development of every child. In order to receive new knowledge, the first step is to follow the instructions and retain the information that is being offered. How can this skill be enhanced? The answer is simple: from home and dedicating a little time every night to the More smalls.

An activity as simple as read the little ones out loud make them improve their attention span. A conclusion reached by the study prepared by the American Academy of Pediatrics that advises parents to spend a little time each day so that children benefit from these activities in multiple ways.

Need for attention

This study brought together a total of 675 families who were asked to videotape or play with their children from the first days of life until 3 years of age. The results showed how the children who received these readings they had to pay more attention to what they were told so they could follow the thread of the story and be able to imagine the characters and scenarios of this story.

In the case of the game, the child must also pay attention to what his father does and respond to enjoy the activity. Those parents who continued to perform these practices after the study got their children to have a better capacity for concentration when they startedl school year and therefore a greater possibility of getting good grades.

This simple activity program It is recommended to all families, although especially to parents of children with attention problems. Those children with ADHD and other disorders that prevent them from concentrating can develop this capacity, they will find in these activities a quick and inexpensive tool with which in addition to sharing moments with their parents, they will have fun.

Benefits of reading to children

The results of this study is not the only reason to read the little ones in bed. This activity also has other positive effects and interesting in the children:

- Improve your vocabulary. Reading confronts the children with new words that they did not know and that they will integrate in their repertoire.

- Power paternal-filial bond. Reading to children means spending time with them and this bet will improve the bond between parents and children.

- Development of the imagination. The child must be forming in his mind the image of what his father reads, with the passage of time this will serve to enhance your imagination.

- It favors the dream. The reading before going to sleep favors the state of relaxation in the smallest and favors rest.

Damián Montero

Video: Improving early child development with words: Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald at TEDxAtlanta

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