Sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of death from different causes

What doubt is there that physical activity is very important in the day to day of people? Moving ensures fun and good health by keeping various problems such as obesity or diabetes, as well as cholesterol levels. In the opposite case, the sedentary lifestyle it is a very dangerous option although its risks are not appreciated as usual.

However, in the long term, the sedentary lifestyle it becomes a danger that increases the risk of death from different causes. This is the warning made by the American Cancer Association after a long-term study where the lifestyle of 127,554 people without any chronic illness or other health problem that could put them at risk have been analyzed for 21 years.

More than 6 hours sitting

When is it considered that a person is sedentary and when active? In the first case, the researchers determined that it was possible to determine that a person maintained a lifestyle with little movement when the person was sitting more than 6 hours a day. The opposite case referred to individuals who spent less than 3 hours in their usual days to remain without any activity.

During the 21 years of this study, of the 127,554 participants, they died 48,784. When analyzing the lifestyle of these people it was found that the deceased had presented data of sedentary routines. All of them, even without having shown symptoms of chronic diseases or other health problems at the beginning of the study, presented a higher risk of suffering from different conditions.

Among the problems whose risk increased, cardiovascular diseases were present in all Causes (coronary disease, heart attacks, stroke), cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, suicide, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonitis due to solids and liquids, liver and other digestive conditions.

At the same time, researchers discovered that sedentary lifestyle increased the risk of other health problems such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and other nervous disorders and mortality from musculoskeletal disorders. Among the explanations that were offered by the researchers are the following:

- The time that people spend sitting replaces the activity, even the daily activity levels we recommend for a good state of shape.

- Sitting time can be associated with other unhealthy activities; for example, chop between hours.

- The time you spend sitting has a negative impact on the body's hormone levels and how the immune system works.

Encourage physical activity

The best formula to prevent these health problems is to bet on an active lifestyle from an early age. These are some tips offered by Montserrat Romaguera Bosch, Family and Sports Doctor:

- In infants. Avoid exposure to screens, favor crawling and walking at home, play outdoors and start learning to swim.

- In children. Limit the number of screens in the home and your time of consumption. Sports initiation around 3 years. Encourage active leisure in recreational time and instrumental activity such as walking, climbing stairs walking instead of taking the elevator, walk the dog.

- In distances less than two kilometers and in benign weather conditions, bet on moving on foot instead of using motorized vehicles, otherwise it is recommended to use bicycles and means of transport that involve physical activity.

- Promotion of sport in the family environment as a common element instead of showing sedentarism as fun and making it look like a recommended leisure practice.

Damián Montero

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