The effects of a misuse of new technologies by children

Today, living without new technologies is impossible. Many screens surround the day to day of the smallest, young and adults offering many facilities in the day to day. However, negligent use can also lead to various problems reported by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

This body points out the risks that young people face in the face of negligent use of new technologies. This entity also reminds parents of the importance they have in the development of their children and the example that can be given to the youngest of the house.

Influence on behavior

The American Academy of Pediatrics first recalls the influence that parents have on the behavior of their children. An effect that also occurs in new technologies, the first step is to apply rules of correct use in the home. Nail rules that must be fulfilled by the adults so that the rest have a good example of the figure of authority.

Otherwise, as for example the use of new technologies by parents in family dinners and other events, it indicates to the smallest ones that there is no limit in the use of these devices. Given these abuses of screens begins to generate a process of dependence on young people, as indicated by the University of Castilla-La Mancha in its project for the prevention of addictions:

- Pleasant and comforting behavior is produced for the young person while using these technologies.

- There is an increase in thoughts related to such behavior at times when the person is not involved in it. You miss these activities to feel the same experience.

- The behavior tends to become more and more frequent in the search for this pleasant experience.

- There is an intense desire to carry out the behavior, with very high expectations.

- The behavior (use of new technologies) is no longer the pleasant effect, but the relief of discomfort for not using these screens.

Increase in tension

Faced with this situation, two paths can be taken. On the one hand, that adolescents continue to use new technologies to relieve your discomfort. In this case, the result is that they end up leaving aside other activities that are necessary for their day-to-day life, even isolating them from their daily relationships and ending up developing their social life within the digital environment.

Otherwise, in which parents begin to impose limits in the use of new technologies a separation process occurs where the tension in the home increases:

- Intense impulse to perform conduct in which one is working and that brings with it detrimental effects for the person who executes it.

- Increasing tension by not being able to perform these behaviors that previously reported "pleasure".

- Temporary disappearance of tension until the young person is able to find this satisfaction in other activities.

How to know when the young person needs this help? Experts point out that it is difficult to determine when the use of new technologies becomes inadequate. In the absence of definitions, we could use the criteria of excessive time dedicated to the activity, loss of control over it and interference with the activities of daily life.

Damián Montero

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