The best beaches to enjoy summer in family

Speaking of summer holidays is talking about destinations, places to go as a family to enjoy excellent days and fill memories with the mind. Not only do you have to think about locations abroad or in cities with great leisure offers, but everyone can organize small excursions to environments such as Beaches.

In this sense, Spain offers a great offer of Beaches along its coastline. North, East, West and South have excellent locations to visit as a family and with which to enjoy a great day with the most loved. From the portal Home Away the following options are offered for the rest of the summer, everyone can go to these places and have an excellent time.

The best beaches for families

To carry out this ranking, Home Away has taken into account different factors such as the presence of a blue flag, the cleanliness of the water, the beaches being sandy, the presence of relief services, games or activities for children, the breadth of the sandy area and the proximity of useful infrastructures for families such as supermarkets or sports facilities.

Once these parameters have been analyzed, the following ranking:

- Shipyard Beach (Malgrat de Mar).

Large sandy area, pedestrian areas and fun playgrounds. Even a mini animation club for children on the beach ensure a great day with the family.

North Beach (Peñíscola).

Nearly five kilometers of sand where families will find playgrounds that offer all kinds of services to enjoy as a family both day and night.

- Burriana Beach (Nerja).

The largest house will know this beach for being the scene of the classic series Blue Summer. The youngest will enjoy its theme park dedicated to this fiction and even visit the famous Chanquete boat.

Central Beach (Isla Cristina).

70 meters wide has this sandy area where families will find all kinds of services to enjoy with the youngest of the house or play in this large area, or simply take a long and pleasant walk.

Cove in Porter (Minorca).

Crystal clear waters and very calm. Its shallow depth makes them ideal for the little ones to bathe in them safely, ideal for those who seek a nice bath in these locations.

Beach of Barro (Llanes, Asturias).

Two small islands protect this silver from the open sea, which offers calm waters and a fine sand to walk calmly and perform all kinds of activities in a natural environment without major dangers.

Damián Montero


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