For a healthier tan: 10 recommendations

With the sun you have to be very careful, however the hurry and laziness of day to day makes us neglect the sun protection. Some people do not put on sunscreen because it bothers them with heat and sweat, others leave without hats or caps running, there are those who do not go to the regular reviews with the dermatologist and all this directly affects us to lose little to little our solar capital, that is to say, the natural reserve that our skin has in front of the solar radiations.

Decalogue for a healthy tan

As never before remember, for a healthy tan, the Spanish Association Against Cancer AECC has developed a decalogue with the main recommendations for when we go to expose ourselves to the sun to tan.

1. It is important to avoid sun exposure between 12.00 and 16.00 because ultraviolet rays are more harmful.

2. The effects of solar radiation not only affect the skin, also to the lips and eyes. Therefore we can not forget the use of protective lip bars and sunglasses that absorb 100% of the radiation.

3. We must monitor the exposure of children to the sun in a special way because children's skin is in a process of maturation in which all the adaptation mechanisms have not yet been developed. The same happens with the elderly, their skin has lost the ability to defend. Ideally, use a high protection factor, always higher than FP 25 and resistant to water, as well as prevent children under three years old and the elderly from being exposed directly to the sun.

4. Dehydration is one of the problems derived from sun exposure, For this reason, it is important to drink plenty of water.

5. Each type of skin is different. Therefore it is advisable to choose a sunscreen appropriate to your physical characteristics (skin color, hair and eyes). During the first solar exposures it would always be good to use a protection factor greater than 15.

6. If you have clear skin and hair and you usually burn easily, it is best to choose a sunscreen with a protection index of 30 to 50. In addition, people with dark brown hair and eyes who tend to tan easily, should also be protected with creams with an index of 15.

7. Application of sunscreen It should be done half an hour before sun exposure and repeated every two hours and after each bath. We should not trust the cloudy days because the ultraviolet rays pass through the clouds in the same way although we do not notice that it is hot.

8. We must not neglect the protection of our footWhen we bathe in the sea or in the pool since the water acts like a magnifying glass increasing the damaging effects of the sun by 10%. In the sand, 25% of the radiation is reflected, so we must protect ourselves even though we are under an umbrella.

9. It is convenient that after a day of exposure we use an after sun to help a better hydration of the skin.10. Consult a dermatologist is essential, especially if we notice any skin lesion, such as changing the color, shape or size of freckles and moles.

10. Uses approved sunglasses. Some people do not wear them because then there are marks, but the damage of solar radiation inside the eyes can be very harmful.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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