Disorder in the home is the main cause of rejection in the Spanish

The home It is an environment where parents spend most of their time. Many are the hours that parents, mothers, children and siblings dedicate to perform a myriad of activities between these walls. Therefore, the state in which the location is located is very important.

This is demonstrated by the Home 2018 Report, which reveals that the order in which the home It is important for most Spaniards. Other points that also cause rejection among respondents in this study is the style of decoration used at home.

Clean and organized

How do Spaniards like their home? The response is clean and orderly, and it is clear from the aforementioned report that 8 out of 10 respondents admit that what bothers them the most is finding a messy and dirty house. At the same time, the participants in this report acknowledge that they also flee from overloaded environments, something that they do not like. 58% from them.

Striking colors also cause rejection among respondents and 20% say that is what you most suspicious in your home. So much is the concern of the Spanish families for the decoration of their home that they affirm that it is the first thing that they are fixed when they visit the home of another person, as indicated by 97% of the interviewees.

And where do they go out of their way to decorate Spanish families? According to the data of this study, the room is the favorite room when it comes to allocating resources and efforts to renew the appearance, this is recognized by the 88% of the participants in this report, something that is directly related to the fact that visits are focused on the decoration of their guests and that this is the environment where they spend the most time.

Keep the home clean and tidy

Given the importance of a clean and orderly home for Spaniards, we must attend to the needs that this has. An objective in which everyone can participate in different ways, assuming their part of responsibility:

- Your room, your responsibility. The order of each room should lie with the person who sleeps in it. If one of the children does not find a certain object because of the disorder, he should know that it was his fault. Parents do not have to take responsibility.

- Homework distributions. Everyone can help, maybe the little ones do not know how to handle themselves with the mop but they can throw a cable by picking up the table. If everyone contributes their grain of sand, it will be easier to reach the goal: a clean home.

- It is used, it is collected. Has anyone used a glass to drink water? Is it coming from the street and the shelter left over? Well, the solution is to keep it where it belongs instead of keeping it in the middle of the room.

- It stains, it cleans. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today, says the old saying. With stains the same thing happens, if a stain is seen the best remedy is to clean it instead of leaving it.

Damián Montero

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