Trips with the school to the Hotel del Juguete: a didactic alternative


The school trips They provide students with new opportunities for learning. They are a good opportunity for coexistence among classmates, to promote values, learn to respect social norms, grow in autonomy and even to care for the environment, among many other benefits.

Most teachers feel that school trips and well-chosen field trips are worth the extra work associated with them. The key to making these school trips a success is to take the time necessary to plan each detail.

Specifically, most of the school trips that are organized now have a thematic objective, which gives children hope and allows them to connect with them outside the classroom. And few things make children as excited as being in contact with their favorite characters and toys, and this is precisely what is achieved with the visit and the stay at Toy Hotel, a fun, different and friendly space aimed mainly at children. An original accommodation, where children will enjoy the game and fun surrounded by familiar characters and toys.

In the company of your best friends from school, students will find in this fun accommodation thematic rooms decorated with your favorite characters and games like Playmobil, Lego and Doraemon to Barriguitas, Pinypon or Nancy. It even has two duplex rooms dedicated to the Three Kings of the East.

Among the main novelties stands out the room of the Super Wings, the nicest planes of children's drawings and the technological room Invizimals, which is the star, with PlayStation. In addition, the solidary room dedicated to the Playground Foundation It deserves a special mention. In it, they try to help make the children who need it smile the most. In all the rooms there are some very special inhabitants, toys and a great decoration that invites to live a fun experience.

Inside the hotel there are spaces for family play, such as play libraries, toys for going out for a walk, tables for the family in the cafeteria, children's entertainment for children and reception, where toys receive the most fun children. We can not forget the photo of the memory before leaving in the photocall, all disguised with giant figures like Playmobil.

Benefits of school trips to Hotel del Juguete

Among the many reasons that make school trips an excellent activity for students we highlight the following in relation to Hotel del Juguete:

- Live learning School trips offer students the possibility to learn "live" and actively enjoy all the news that the Hotel offers them.

- New experiences. Students will be able to enjoy the challenge of this new experience, the accommodation with their classmates at the Hotel del Juguete. Specifically, this activity run by the school can be especially useful for students from lower socio-economic backgrounds who may not have had these opportunities before.

- Reinforcement of learning. Living together with friends and colleagues at the Hotel del Juguete, during a two or three-day stay, will reinforce the concepts learned in emotional intelligence, autonomy, verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as important educational values ​​such as assertiveness, generosity, know how to win and lose, empathy, etc.

- Fun outside the classroom. Students will remember shared reference points with their teachers. Knowing yourself outside of school can be very positive for both students and teachers.

- Improved communication with teachers. Students and teachers can interact with each other differently, which helps increase communication between them. Some students who might go unnoticed in the classroom, for being shy or very calm, could come alive in the school trip.

- Nexus of union for the students. This school trip that combines team activities can help create a bond between students.

Travel with the school to the Hotel del Juguete

Hotel del Juguete, located in Ibi, in the province of Alicante, has 21 themed rooms dedicated to toys and has a fully themed restaurant in the world of toys where eating and having fun is possible. With a capacity of between 80 and 100 people, its gastronomic and recreational offer makes it a unique location.

The dishes of the menu are made with fresh products and artisans, since in the Hotel they are aware of the importance of good nutrition, and for this reason they elaborate the cuisine in a traditional way.

In addition, it has a large playroom monitored and animated by monitors, makes children enjoy playing and parents enjoy a relaxed meal.Workshops, games and animation make this an unforgettable experience.

In the surroundings of the hotel there are many options for family fun: From themed playgrounds such as the great Pirate Ship, the Pocoyo Park or the Three Wise Men, among others.

We can visit museums such as the Biodiversity Museum, the Toy Museum or the Museum of Moors and Christians. We will also have the opportunity to see castles, natural sites, beaches and much more, and perform activities such as living a day on the farm, hiking trails and visit natural pools that help us to live very special moments.

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