How to use magic to motivate and educate children

The Magic it is an original and creative resource for education. Through simple tricks you can enhance learning by offering a fun and educational alternative for children. Do not hesitate to become a magician to motivate and attract attention and even mediate in the discussions of your children.

Children get bored and easily distracted. And this is even more common in these times of technological rapidity. It is normal for parents to seek resources with which to motivate their children to learn or fill their free time. Xuxo Ruiz Rodríguez is aware of this and proposes in his book, Educating with Magic (Narcea, 2013), the use of magic to motivate and educate children small of the house.

To combat the hyperstimulation suffered by children before television, video games and the Internet, Ruiz Rodríguez suggests the use of magic as an innovative tool that will increase the enthusiasm of children to learn. This motivation will lead our children to work better, to be more disciplined and more attentive, both at home and at school.

Being a magician to motivate our children does not seem like a simple task, because it requires capturing their attention through emotion, intrigue, humor and enthusiasm. But, there is no need to worry, because many of the skills needed to do tricks can be learned. Next, we will tell you some of the ways in which you can use the magic to motivate and educate To your childs.

How to use magic to motivate your children?

Magic for motivation. Magic is distinguished by being, in general, fun. Instead, it seems that the lessons or academic tasks of our children are not so much. Mixing these two elements, the tricks and learning, will result in an ideal and entertaining tool to motivate and make children want to learn. So you can educate with magic.

The "magic blackmail". We usually offer prizes to our children if they manage to pay attention or do their homework correctly and without complaints. But, instead of offering minutes of television, video games, mobile or some other material thing, we can celebrate their behavior with magic. Ruiz Rodríguez says it's something that works. And, who would not be willing to exchange an hour of good behavior for a magic game that lasts two minutes?

A technique to attract attention. Within the daily routine, a trick of magic supposes a moment of astonishment and novelty, which will serve to capture the attention of your children. Then, it will be much simpler to attend to any explanation or advice you want to give them.

An element of mediation. There is nothing better to file rough edges than to share an experience. If your children fight or argue, use a magic trick in which they can collaborate so that they forget their differences and focus on finding the solution to the game together.

Magic for free time. In addition to doing magic for your children, you can motivate them to become magicians, learning or creating tricks. This will be a good way to fill your free time and, at the same time, learn and develop your skills.

The weeping pencil: a trick for you to start practicing magic

To start your magician career, we suggest a simple magic trick to awaken your children's interest. Is called The weeping pencil. To do so, you will only need a pencil and a piece of toilet paper.

Wet a small piece of toilet paper and hide it in your hand, between your fingers. You can use a ring to hide it better. Then, tell your children to bring a pencil. Take it and press it to make tears come from it. Children can put their hands under the pencil so they can feel it crying. The water contained in the paper will slide to the tip of the pencil and fall. Your children will be surprised. So that the trick is not revealed, be sure to keep the paper well hidden or get rid of it, throwing it away at some point of distraction.

Magic is an ideal alternative to the excessive use of new technologies. Instead of so many screens, you can use an innovative tool to motivate and educate your children. With the trick of the weeping pencil and many others that will be simple, you can become a magician, and excite your children in learning.

Isabel López Vasquez
Advice:Xuxo Ruiz Rodríguez, writer and author of the book, Educating with Magic (Narcea, 2013)

Video: Les Brown Motivation - The Magic of Believing

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