On holiday, do not forget your teeth and gums

When we go on vacation, we need to disconnect from the routine and schedules, we like to live without hours and do different things. It is natural that after all the year working with very marked daily guidelines, we park our obligations. However, what we should not forget is our oral health. 1 out of 3 Spaniards recognizes that they forget their oral hygiene when they are away from home, and this is what we should avoid by all means.

6 tips for good oral hygiene during vacations

If you want to know how to take care of your oral health and that of your children when you are on vacation, follow these tips:

1. Include an oral hygiene kit in your suitcase: you will find travel kits in the pharmacy that will help you save space in your suitcase and make it more convenient for you to transport them. For the little ones you will also find fun toilets, which will make brushing teeth more entertaining for them: hourglasses to calculate time, brushes with light ...

2. Interdental brushing: cleaning the interdental spaces should always be part of the daily process of your oral hygiene. According to the experts of the company, the interdental spaces constitute 30% of the surface that the brush does not reach. Therefore, being aware of how difficult it is to do the whole process when you are away from home, there are practical and ergonomic options such as the interdental brush to use and throw away. In the pharmacy you can find cases with 30 units, which you can take with you wherever you go. In addition, either for you or for your children, you will find different sizes that will adapt to the type of interdental space in your mouth.

3. Mouthwash use: mouthwashes after brushing help prevent the adverse effects that plaque can produce in the oral cavity, as long as it is used as a complement to tooth brushing. In addition, children should begin to introduce the mouthwash into their daily brushing routine. From the age of 6 to 12 the permanent dentition is completed, so it is essential to reinforce oral hygiene. Therefore, there are children's mouthwashes with pleasant and refreshing flavors that adapt to the needs of each child stage.

4. Drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit and vegetables: In this way you can keep your mouth hydrated and avoid dryness, which can be the cause of halitosis. Go to the beach, to the pool, or for a walk, try to take with you a bottle of water and a piece of fresh fruit.

5. Do not increase your alcohol or tobacco consumption: Even though we are on vacation and we end up drinking something in a bar or at a party for more than one night, bear in mind the negative impact of tobacco and alcohol on your health and oral hygiene. Tobacco produces stains on the teeth and alcohol promotes oral dryness.

6. Do not abuse sugary drinks or foods with a lot of sugar: Being a hot time, we tend to take more ice cream and slush than usual. However, sugar can be very harmful to the health of your mouth. Therefore, there are products without sugar that will be equally tasty and refreshing, and you will take care of your oral health.

Silvia Pla
Advice: GUM. Healthy gums, healthy life

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