Plans with your dog: excursions in the countryside, beach and city

Your dog is part of the family. Therefore, on the occasion of # DayWorldDelPerro, we offer you some ideas to share with your pet. Choose the option that best suits you: nature excursions, a relaxed visit to the beach, or enjoy the charms of the city.

The July 21 is World Dog Day, a special occasion to devise some plan in which you can share quality time with your pet. Sometimes, it is difficult to find activities to do with your dog, since not all places are suitable for them or allow entry.

But do not let this stop you. If you want to share your summer vacation with your dog, we recommend some plans in which you can include your pets. Celebrate World Dog Day with excursions in nature, on the beach or in the city.

Excursions for dogs

If your dog is athletic and looking for adventures, do not hesitate to take him on a field trip or to the mountain. You do not have to go far to have fun with your pet, since there are usually places near the city to be in contact with nature. We offer some examples of excursions near Madrid and Barcelona.

- The Schmid way: This is an ideal path for the whole family, because it is of low difficulty and the route lasts only an hour and a half. The route begins on the M-601 road at the height of Navacerrada. It is a road full of wooded areas of pine.

- Fuenfría Valley: This trip near Madrid lasts about two hours and passes through several recreational areas, natural pools, a forest track, a Roman road and other picturesque and pleasant places.

- Pantano de Santa Fe: Near Barcelona, ​​there are several routes around the Santa Fe reservoir, which has water all year round and is surrounded by forest. The different roads leave from the information center of Can Casades.

- Hermitage of San Ramón: from this hermitage you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of Barcelona. The ascent can be done from Viladecans or Sant Boi. If your dog is afraid of cyclists, avoid going during weekends.

Beaches for dogs

If your thing during the summer is the beach, you can find some to go with your pet and the rest of the family. Every day there are more beaches in Spain that allow dogs to enter.

You can find the list of these beaches on the website Some of the best beaches you can go with your pet are:

- Playa la Rubina, in Girona. It was the first beach for dogs in all of Spain and is still one of the most popular. It is located in Empuriabrava and belongs to the Natural Park of the Aiguamolls del Empordà.

- PlayaCan, in Gandía. It is one of the best beaches for dogs in the Valencian Community. It is only open in summer.

- Playón de Bayas in Castrillón, Asturias. A stretch of this beach was enabled in 2016 for dogs and this year will remain open for our pets. The canine zone is located in the westernmost zone, next to the Quebrantos de Soto del Barco sandy area.

Dogs in the city

If you decide not to travel with your pet, do not forget to walk the dog to enjoy the city. There are many plans that you can share as a family, without leaving your four-legged friend aside.

- Parks: Going to the park is one of the easiest options to do and one of the most traditional. Go ahead and find new parks to go with your dog to vary the routine.

- Stores: Did you know that some of the big clothing chains allow dogs to enter their stores? More and more businesses let our pets through. So, if you plan to take advantage of family discounts, do not hesitate to take your dog with you. Do not forget to ask the staff before entering to confirm that your pet is welcome.

- Dog tourism: Who said dogs can not go sightseeing? Take advantage of the fact that many of the big cities are emptied in summer to stroll peacefully through the urban area or the historic center of your city with your dog. You can visit squares and monuments so that your pet is the most cultured of the place.

- Terraces: With the summer heat, there's nothing better than going for a drink on a terrace. Take your dog with you to enjoy the outdoors and the shade, while enjoying a nice glass of cold water.

Isabel López Vasquez

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