How to motivate children to be the best version of themselves

As parents, we all want our children to be the best version of themselves. The key to achieving this is in showing our appreciation for them through affection and acceptance. Only then can we motivate them to become good people and to exploit all their talents and virtues.

A six-year-old Japanese boy who suffered from autism, blindness and other disabilities from birth, one day discovered the song of a bird and managed to pronounce his name. His parents finally saw in him a glimmer of hope and decided definitively that they would not give up. They bought him ribbons with bird songs and hired a teacher to teach him music. Nowadays, thanks to the perseverance of his family, that little one has become one of the most important composers of contemporary classical music.

The story of Hikari Oe, son of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Kenzaburo Oe, is a sample of how the affection and perseverance of parents can motivate the children to be the best version of themselves. The important thing is to look at people as what they can become and not only as what they are. This is something that should be applied both in the family and in the school environment, as this way the formation of children can flourish.

How to get the best version of your children

The look of man conditions his environment. Álex Rovira, writer and disseminator, establishes that the perspective from where we observe what surrounds us, our existential posture, can open before us a world of possibilities. It may be that we live in a world where there seem to be no opportunities or tools to achieve happiness. But, just change our vision, set aside the prejudices to find goodness and virtue in others.

For that reason, by observing our children from love, we can see in them innumerable talents. We can also motivate them to change the negative view they may have of themselves (especially in adolescence) and be aware of the great value they have as people.

Education to flourish

"Beyond academic success, says Rovira, what is truly important is to be a good person, for this reason, it is not enough to receive an excellent training that stimulates the intellect, if we are not able to teach our children to appreciate others"To achieve this, joint work between the school and the family is necessary.

In addition to discover the value of the other, "We must instill in our children how important they are, as parents, we must make clear the appreciation and love we feel for them." A child who feels loved will have the confidence to aspire to more and become better, "says Rovira. . All people have many flaws, but also a lot of potential. It is essential to highlight the second to ensure that our children flourish in their best version.

Love that transforms

The appreciation expressed through love can transform the lives of our children for good and direct them towards happiness. But how can we express this affection towards our little ones?

First, we must know our children as they are, discover their virtues and their shortcomings. We also have to show our appreciation for their abilities, so we should not hesitate to congratulate them for having done a good job, or for having tried. We must be aware that some things, however small they may seem, are, for them, great challenges.

In addition to applauding their virtues, we must also embrace our children's imperfections as Hikari's parents did. Instead of trying to change them so that they become something they are not, we must realize that there are flaws that make people unique and special.

Finally, we should not assume that our children know we love them. We must express it in a visible way, through caresses, like hugs and kisses. At the same time, we must be able to maintain with them deep conversations that go beyond everyday life and value the ideas and opinions that children can contribute. In this way, we will clearly state that we love and appreciate them as people.

Isabel López Vasquez
Advice: Alex Rovira, writer and author of the book Joy.


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