Family Forum requests more aid to be able to conciliate in summer

Summer is synonymous with holidays and these, in turn, free time. The little ones no longer have to go to class and, in many cases, extracurricular activities are also paused. This translates into many children at home while their parents must fulfill their work obligations that are still present during the school period.

In short, the conciliation It's a problem again during the summer. For this reason, organizations such as Family Forum ask for more help to achieve this goal and that parents can take care of both their children and their work obligations, something that is more necessary given the free time of children while they stay at home

Added expenses

"Thousands of families face the challenge of reconciling the care of children with work for three months." Even not taking a separate month each of the parents covers the entire period, since there remain the end of June and beginning September and would make it impossible to share even a week of break the whole family together, "explains Javier Rodríguez, general director of the Family Forum.

To solve this situation many parents resort to summer camps so that the little ones can receive the necessary attention during their vacations. This results in a additional cost for families that have to face the expense of enrolling and sending their children to these locations.

Faced with these added expenses, from the Family Forum a greater support for by public administrations. Aid that according to them should not translate into lengthening classes, but in making the schools that children attend offer activities such as reading, games or sports, and that the cost is assumed by public entities or that it is affordable for the economy of homes with children.

Family Forum also explains that conciliation is an issue that involves companies and that they can also help during the summer by making possible the telecommuting or greater labor flexibility in this period. "It will be a very profitable investment since workers will increase their productivity by not being aware of where or with whom to leave their children," concludes Javier Rodríguez.

Flexible schedule

Forum of the Family is not the only organization that bets to offer a greater flexibility Time during the summer. The Másfamilia Foundation also believes that this tool would be the most advisable to achieve conciliation on vacation.

Fundación Másfamilia also indicates that some measures applied during the summer could also be applied the rest of the year. An example is the intensive day, which causes the employee to carry out all of his working hours in the morning instead of in a split form, so that parents can be with their children in the afternoon when they finish their working hours.

Damián Montero

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