The average expenditure of Spanish households grew in the last year

Nobody escaped the economic crisis. Many items in households throughout Spain had to be cut to face the situation. Over the years, the context improved, but to what extent? Has the expenditure in the families of this country or on the contrary continue to use your money as in your closest past?

The Survey of Family Budgets prepared by the National Institute of Statistics, INE, makes it clear that the recovery that the economy has experienced has also been reflected in families. The expenditure carried out by households has increased, investments where housing and invoices take the bulk and where it is clear that more people turn to the internet to purchase products.

Almost 4% more

In total, Spanish households spent 540.3 million of euros during 2017. Comparing these data with those of the previous survey shows an increase of 3.9%. By households, the average of this expenditure was 29,188 euros, 3.5% more than in 2016.

Among the items that took the bulk of this expenditure per household, the payment of housing (rent or mortgage) and bills. The average of this investment was 8,774 euros, 30.1% of the total expenditure of families in Spain and an increase of 0.8% with respect to the 2016 data. In second position is the chapter on food, with an average of 4,108 euros.

The food expense item remains with a 14,1% of the total and, unlike the general trend, decreased by 0.4%. Other items, such as leisure have experienced an increase from 1,594 euros in 2016 to 1,791 in the past 2017. On the contrary, spending on hotels has shown a decline from 2,780 euros to 2,472.

As for the communities where the highest expenditure per household was recorded, Basque Country is ahead with 14,175 euros. Territory followed by Madrid with 13,708 euros and Navarra, with 13,325. On the other side of the table are Melilla, 8,738 euros, Extremadura, 9,257, and Canarias, 9,304 euros.

Online shopping

In this edition of the Survey of Family Budgets also highlights the increase of brealizadas by Internet. In total, a 25,7% of Spanish households made some kind of online transaction, a percentage that increases 21.6% of the 2016 edition. This expenditure item was 1,723 euros, a figure that increases by 3.8% from the previous edition.

These were the largest items of online spending that were made during 2017 by Spanish households:

- Leisure and culture. 7.3% of the total of this item. The tourist packages, with 9.4% is the most remarkable expense, although all the subgroups are representative of this type of expenses.

- Transport. 3% of the total expense. Spending on transport services, with 21.7% of the total, is the most relevant in this group.

- Dress and shoes. 3.0% of its expenditure was made through the Internet.

Damián Montero

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